4 Ways to Ensure Slots of Fun

4 Ways to Ensure Slots of Fun

- June 29, 2016

Slots is a game that has successfully moved from the casino floor to the internet. Once it hit the World Wide Web through desktop sites and new mobile slot sites like Wicked Jackpots, slots games grew in variety. Now you can find all kinds of branded slot games to suit your taste and style. If you have never played slots before or you are only familiar with the classic slot machine, then you will be happy to find out that online slot games have so many more features that make it cool and exciting.

To help convince you, we wrote down a few game features that make online slots so much fun!

1) What's Better than Wilds? Special Wilds!

In slots, the wild symbol is a special symbol which can replace all other symbol on the reels. As you may already know, these wild symbols are great for creating winning combinations that result in larger prizes. But some slot games are more fun because not only do they have wild symbols – they have special wilds. This means that the wilds do much more than replace other symbols.

In the Marvel Incredible Hulk Slots, the wild symbol is represented by the Hulk himself. As you can expect, these symbols will replace other symbols you have a bigger payout. But if the wild Hulk symbol lands specifically on the middle of the 3rd reel, then it becomes the Expanding Hulk wild. When you trigger the Expanding Hulk feature, not only will you get a winning combination, but you also win two re-spins. One of the best things about Incredible Hulk is that it is one of Marvel's brand new mobile slots games. You can play whenever you like, wherever you are!

When it comes to special wilds, stacked wilds are one of the best variations. Wolf Run Slots has this feature. Getting stacked wild symbols will really win you big money when you play Wolf Run. These stacked wilds often appear during regular spins. When these appear on the slots, they will stay in place on top of each other. These wilds can create chains of combinations that will add up to massive slots bonus wins. Landing these stacked wilds is extra awesome when you activate all of the paylines.

2) Free Spins Equals More Wins

Free spins are one of the most exciting part of any slots game. Free spins basically allow you to get more chances of winning for free. In order to trigger free spins, you usually have to land special symbols on the reels. Once you do, the free spins feature is triggered!

In the Fluffy Favourites slots game, the special symbol you need to look out for is the cute pink elephant. When at least three pink elephants appear, you will be rewarded free spins that will automatically play out. If you have three elephants, you get 15 free spins. If you land four elephants, you get 20 free spins. And if you manage to see five awesome pink elephants, you get 25 incredible free spins!

Some games even allow re-triggered free spins. This means if you land scatter symbols during your free spin, you get to have another free spin. In theory, you can earn loads of free spins this way.

In some new slots games, the free spins feature even allows you to win other prizes that regular spins don’t. Star Trek Slots online is a perfect example. This game features Spock’s Bonus. Spock’s bonus is a free spins round with a twist. In this round, there is a special wild symbol called “Spock Wild”. This is a symbol is a picture of Spock with the sign “Wild” underneath it. When you land this symbol, it can substitute for all other symbols for a bigger payout – much bigger than the game’s regular wild symbol which is the Star Trek logo.

3) Cool Mini Games Within the Slot Games

When it comes to exciting bonus features, nothing can beat a mini game within the slot game. Slots now feature mini games in between spinning the reels so that you can win more and more prizes. Monopoly Game Board Slots has a Board Bonus feature that allows you to win extra rewards as you go through the iconic Monopoly board. That’s right – just like the actual board game!

Once you roll the virtual dice, you have a chance to win the Property Bonus, Utility Bonus, Chance & Community Chest Bonus, Railroad Bonus, Free Parking Bonus, Go to Jail Bonus and Go! Bonus. The GO! Bonus is particularly great, because if you land here, you will win 200 times your original bet. So if you are looking for a slots game with a lot to offer, sign up at Wicked Jackpots and try this one out!

Cops and Robbers Slot Machine is another one with a mini game called Hot Pursuit Bonus Round. In this bonus, you get to play the role of a robber going around a virtual board. Behind you is a hot pursuit that you have to get away from as you move forward. Each time you roll the dice, you have the chance to land on x1, x2, x3, x10, x12, x15 and x50 your original bet.

4) Unique Gaming Experiences

Many slots software providers go out of their way to create newer and better slots games that offer players something new. Slots are so much fun now because you can select a game that offers so much more that clicking a button and spinning the wheels. Some games have story lines, quests and avatars! Slots doesn’t have to be game you play by yourself (unless you want to, of course!) If you are looking for a unique gaming experience, check out Zynga Elite Slots.

When Zynga launches its Elite Slots, it was called a “synchronous, multiplayer slots game”. This is because when you play Zynga Elite Slots, you get to play several themes and level-up characters. When you play this slots game, you get to select a pet as an avatar and go on quests. There are 26 different pets and 6 different themes for you to choose from. The more you use a pet, the more the pet grows in skill. At the end of each level, you have to engage in a boss battle by winning at the online slot machine. When you beat the boss, you advance to the next level and unlock more prizes and avatars.

Playing Zynga Elite Slots is a joy especially when you have friends in the same online room. You will see your team’s pets racing across the screen, collecting and sharing prizes.

Slots of Fun - A Whole Lot of Fun!

These are only a few examples of why online slots is more fun than ever. You get many freebies, bonus spins, bonus games and unique game experiences whenever you sign into your online gaming account. So why don’t you check out our new mobile slots 2016 and start a slots adventure today!

Brodey Sheppard

Brodey Sheppard

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