What Makes a Lucky Slots Site or Game

What Makes a Lucky Slots Site or Game

- June 29, 2016

While some people find bugs in casino games to make themselves rich, most of us understand that cheating your way out of slot machines is illegal. Hence, we mainly rely on luck when trying to win at online slots games. No one can tell exactly what makes a lucky slot site. However, from time to time, Lady Luck drops some hints to let punters know which UK slots new sites to check out. Let’s take a look at some of the factors that make the best UK online slot sites lucky.

1) Wide Selection of Slot Games

Of course, you would not be able to test your luck if a site offers a roster of online video slot games that is limited. Hence, it is best to look out for slot sites which offer a wide variety of games. If you decide to create an account with Sky Vegas, you can gain access to a range of slots games that can potentially bring you big winnings. Here, you can find top-rated slot games like Cleopatra, Zeus slots, Lord of the Ocean slot game, and so much more! With more games to choose from, you will definitely have lots of opportunities to test which ones can bring you luck.

2) Slot Sites With Progressive Jackpot Games

Do you know who are the luckiest slots players? The biggest slots jackpot prize winners, of course! That is why it is important for slots fans to look for sites that offer games with progressive jackpots. Some of the popular slots games that offer progressive jackpots include Fantastic Four slots, The Incredible Hulk slots and Iron Man slots – basically all Marvel slot games.

Some online slot operators, even the new UK slots, make it easier for players to identify which games offer progressive jackpots. For instance, online slot site Sky Vegas adds a small label on all the slot games with progressive jackpot prizes. You will also see how big the jackpot prizes are growing. This also makes it more convenient for you to identify which ones are ripe for picking!

3) Slot Sites and Games That Have Turned Players Into Winners

It pays to do some research on which sites and games have rendered big jackpot winners. In land-based casinos, video slot game Wheel of Fortune has turned several players into millionaires. Some of these winners even wagered for as low as a cent! One of the examples of an online slot game which has given millions of winnings to players is Gold Rally. Created by online casino software provider Playtech, this slot game has paid out over $33 million to many lucky winners across the globe!

4) Even Luckier with Great Online Slots Sign up Bonuses

People who get freebies are undeniably lucky. With online slots, you can get lucky most of the time! For instance, if you go to online slots site Sky Vegas, you can get a free pound bonus as a welcome promo. Without depositing funds to your account, you can get £10 free and up to £1,000 worth of deposit bonuses! Isn't that fantastic? 

Winning at Online Slots

There really is no secret in guaranteeing wins in online slots. The truth is, what you can do is click the “Spin” button and trust that luck will come your way. However, there are still methods you can take to make playing slots more fun and potentially more profitable over the course of time. Take a look at some of the tips we have that can help you become a winner at playing online slots.

1) Review the Payout Info for the Slot Game

Online slots developers usually feature information that will help you select which casino video slot games are advantageous for you. If you click the Info button, you will see the payout table which shows the symbols and how much the game will pay out winnings, depending on the combinations. The paytable is one of the things you should review to tell if a slot game is perfect for you.

Remember that payouts are affected by a number of factors, including the inclusion of side bets and the amount of your wager. When trying UK slots sites theatre new, don’t forget to check the maximum and minimum betting amounts. You may get an 800 credit payout by betting with one coin, but when you check the paytable, you will learn that if you bet the maximum amount, you would have won 2,500 credits. In this case, it would be best to bet max. However, do remember that you will still see opportunities to place smaller wagers just by studying the paytable.

2) Exercise Bankroll Management with Your Slots Funds

Before playing slots online, it is always important to determine the amount you are comfortable with losing. Doing so will help you avoid losing big. It is true that you only have to wager a small amount when you’re playing online or you’re spinning the reels of mobile phone slots. However, in the long run, you would still benefit from controlling your bankroll.

There are several strategies you can take when you’re managing your slots bankroll. Let’s take a look at one of the examples. Some gaming operators, especially UK slot sites offer bonus games and free spins for every 150-200 spins of the reels. In that case, what you can do to manage your bankroll effectively is divide your total bankroll by 200. That will then be the amount you should bet per spin while expecting a bonus or a big jackpot at least once for every 200 spins.

3) Try Several Slot Games

There are probably some statistical reasons behind playing different slot games, but the biggest reason is just because doing so is more entertaining and fun. When you keep on playing one game, you will eventually get bored and your mind will start drifting. Hence, if you’re not solely playing slots for the big jackpots, it is best to give yourself a break and try other games to keep your mind sharp. The more you are aware of what you’re doing, the wiser your decisions will be.

4) Avoid Playing Slots When You Are Frustrated

Sometimes, playing slots can be a bit disappointing and frustrating. When you play with this feeling boiling up inside you, your decisions tend to be clouded. Slots is an affordable form of entertainment and it is meant to be a fun pastime. If you’re not feeling lucky at all, take a break from playing. Get some sleep, read a book or dine out. Do anything you can to regain your calm. After all, being a winner at online slots does not only mean that you’re hitting big jackpots. You can also come out as a winner when you know that you are absolutely having fun.

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