Slot Games

Casino slots games, whether in a land-based casino or online, are fun, and people flock to these games. Slot games are a game of chance, and, therefore, anybody can play the slot machines. There are no skills to master, so you’re neither a novice nor a champion. You’re a player pitting your wits against the Random Number Generator (RNG). Games slots can bring in as much as 80% of a casino’s revenue.

Slots Myths

Even though the outcome of a slot game cannot be influenced by external factors, some interesting myths have grown up around the slots games. It is worth being aware of these misconceptions, adhering to them is not going to help you win. There’s no such thing as a machine being due for a win if it has gone without a win for some time. Online slots casinos do not raise the odds on days when the there are many people playing.

Online Slot Machines

Let us take a look at the different types of online slots machines out there. Online slots machines are defined by certain fixed characteristics that are a carryover from land-based slots games. Classic online slots games feature fruit symbols on a 3-reel machine with a single payline, invariably the one in the centre. 5-reel video slots are popular with online slots sites and feature multiple paylines. The payouts are high and the games have interesting themes. A few slot machines may participate in progressive jackpots although you may have to bet the maximum number of coins to qualify for these games. These jackpots vary in the amounts that can be won. There are numerous progressive jackpots with lower amounts, and these are won daily by online gamers from all parts of the world. Slots that feature multipliers will multiply the amount you wager by a fixed number. Check out the paytables associated with an online slots game to learn about its features.

Multiple paylines

Perhaps the most exciting innovation in casino slots games is the presence of multiple paylines. These need not be straight lines, they can zigzag, run halfway through the screen, be diagonal, etc. The chances to win with online slots having multiple paylines are high, especially if the game is one of low volatility. This means that the wins, though small, will happen more frequently. You get to choose the number of paylines you want to bet on. You don’t get to choose the paylines though, just the number. A typical online video slots feature 25 to 30 paylines while others can have 243 to a thousand ways to win.

Video slots

3D online slots or video slots have taken digital casino gaming to a new level. These games present catchy themes and storylines with incredible graphics. With some online slots games, including 3D games, you may be required to download the gaming software. This need not always be the case, however.

Also, the freedom that slots game manufacturers have been given by the digital format has led to many innovative additions to the game. Online slots feature many more games than you can find in a land-based casino. The themes are wide, varied, and interesting. You can bet more coins across more lines, and win more. There are more wildcard symbols, scatter symbols, bonuses, free spins on offer.

As you get to play free online slots at sites hosting these games, it is an opportunity to learn about the game. You get a feel for the game by playing it free and by checking out the paytables.

The games slot machines offer are now widely available online, and this includes mobiles, as well as offline. Both types have their own charm and devoted players. Many enjoy both the atmosphere of a land-based casino and also the undisturbed gaming experience provided by online slots.

Choosing Slots Games

Given that there are so many online slots sites out there, choosing the right ones for you can be a time-consuming task, though by no means a boring task. With a little information beforehand, you can assess online slots casinos in a more objective manner and enjoy the games better.

Slots software

The first thing to check out is the kind of software used to run the games. Different online slots games makers license their software to gaming sites. These gaming platforms are famous for different things. While one may be renowned for video slots with great scatter symbols, another might appeal for simply-themed low volatility games.


What is the nature of the slot bonuses on offer? Fixed amounts credited to your account, free spins, or a progressive jackpot. There is also a kind of a bonus that you become eligible for when you bet the maximum amount.

How warmly does the online slots casino welcome new players with no deposit bonuses? What are the terms associated with these bonuses – how easily can you cash the wins you get with the bonus money? Casinos have different wagering requirements with respect to bonuses. As a rule of thumb, the larger bonuses have more stringent wagering requirements to fulfill.

Sometimes, online slots casinos will offer a time-restricted bonus that you have to unlock within a specified period. There’s not much point chasing these bonuses by wagering the required amount unless the amount is within your budget and gaming habits.

With a deposit match bonus, casinos will match the amount you deposit, so you get twice the amount to play with. A deposit percentage bonus will see the casino giving you a bonus that can be three times the amount you have deposited. And then, there is the no deposit bonus, you are essentially playing with the casino’s money.

Security and payments

Play the games and check the site for feel and ease of use. What does the site say about its security features? How easy is it to transact with the online slots casino? What are the options available – credit cards, bank transfers, e-wallets? What are the payout percentages offered? Higher payouts are a big attraction but should be seen in the overall scheme of things, i.e. along with the bonuses offered, free spins, new games, security of the platform, etc.

What is the quality of customer support offered by the online slots casino? This is extremely important because during your time playing slots, you may have to interact with the customer support. It has to be prompt and helpful.