Online Slots and Poker May Soon Be Legal in Poland

Online Slots and Poker May Soon Be Legal in Poland

- May 27, 2016

Online casino gaming fans from Poland will be delighted to hear exciting news about the possibility that their government would include legal online slots in their revamped gambling laws. On 23 May, Poland’s Ministry of Finance gave some hints regarding the overdue revisions to their country’s gambling laws. If plans push through the Polish-licensed online casino operators would be allowed to offer online slots. They would be required to follow the guidelines for responsible online gaming to ensure the protection of the consumers.

What’s in the Draft for the Revised Casino Gaming Law?

In the draft submitted by Poland’s Ministry of Finance, there would be regulations that would block sites and payments made to operators “illegally offering gambling on the Internet.” Solutions will also be implemented to reduce the grey areas in between legal and illegal casino gaming operations. By doing so, there will be an increase in the market share of legitimate gaming operators.

If the plans for the revisions push through, you can now rest more comfortably assured that most of the slots sites that accept PayPal and other modes of payment are secure. Aside from introducing rules for responsible gaming, the revised law will also tighten penalties related to the violation of the law on casino gaming. The Ministry of Finance intends to strengthen efforts of enforcement against international operators illegally serving the Polish market. They intend to do so through standard payment and IP blocking systems. Consequently, shady casino operators will be pinpointed, leaving the majority of the market share to legal entities.

Aside from allowing video slot machines in Poland-licensed casino sites, the draft also recommended “liberalized provisions on the game of poker.” The proposed solutions will allow the “organization of games of poker outside casinos games, simplify the process of their organization and allow legitimate participation in the game of online poker.”

How About the Casino Gaming Tax Rates?

On the other hand, there is no clear update yet regarding the status of the expected amendments to Poland’s gaming taxes. At the moment, the betting operators are required to be subjected to 12% tax on turnover. In a press conference last week, Poland’s deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Science and Higher Education Jaroslaw Gowin proposed that the current 12% tax would be replaced by a 20% tax on revenues from betting. Gowin added that 10% of the government’s tax take should be shared with the Polish Olympic Committee and the initiatives for solving issues in casino gaming .

There was an extended period in Poland wherein neither online or offline casino gaming were regulated. Things changed when laws were passed in 2010 and 2011, providing restrictions on what types of games can be offered in land-based casinos. On the other hand, all forms of online casino gaming were made illegal, except for sports betting.

While there are certain restrictions on who can operate online sports bookmakers in Poland, punters are still allowed to choose where they want to play. This goes without saying that while you are located in Poland, you can still go to the best sports betting websites and place wagers on your favourite sports. Moreover, with the provisions of the proposed amendments, Polish casino players will be given more options for gaming, including new online slots and poker.

Brodey Sheppard

Brodey Sheppard

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