Zuma Slots

If you’ve played games on your smartphone, chances are you’ve encountered Electronic Arts’ exciting Zuma game that lets players fire differently coloured balls from the mouth of a frog into a chain. It might not sound like a fun game to play, but once you’ve tried it, you will understand why it is one of the top puzzle games of all time. That is also why Gamesys has joined the Zuma bandwagon and adapted it into one of the United Kingdom’s most popular slots.

If you are familiar with the original Popcap’s Zuma, you will know that that the game is characterised by the South American flavour. Based on Pacific Island legends and gods, the colourful levels bring you to a tribal Aztec village filled with fun and excitement. Meanwhile, the slots version remain faithful to the game’s characteristics and design. Playing slots online is more fun with the classic Zuma music. When you beat the reels into a spin, you will hear the bass-driven tribal beat. Couple that with the catchy reel noises some important symbols make and the music becomes simply quite addictive. There’s just something about the graphics and music that makes one envision tribal dancing and chanting around a bonfire.

How to Play the Zuma Slot Machine

A Zuma slot machine contains five reels and 20 win lines. You can bet from 1p/1c up to £25/€25 on each of them. You can click the STAKE/LINE ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons to increase or decrease the amount of your stake per line. If you want to choose the numbers of lines you desire to play, just click the LINES ‘+’ and ‘-‘. Once you’re done, you can start a game by clicking SPIN. You can also use the Autoplay function which will allow you to start each spin automatically. You can choose the number of spins that you want to run automatically. If you wish to stop this function during your auto spins, just press Stop Autoplay. The button will appear on top of the remaining number of spins.

Zuma Features

The main symbols of Zuma slots are an entertaining combination of Pacific Island idols, fiercely showcasing their teeth at all and sundry. 9, 10, J Q and A are the featured lower value symbol. Meanwhile, the smiling green frog is the scatter symbol which allows the free spins. If you combine the free spins with the huge Zuma slots jackpot that you can get, you can have an interesting time playing the game, despite the frightening images of the Aztec masks.

Zuma Slot Bonus - Wild Symbol

A Zuma slot bonus is one of the online slots best bonuses that you can find. The slots game can reward you with 10,000 x line bet payout coupled with a bonus feature that will aid you in achieving fantastic cash prizes. The game features Scatter, Free games, Wild and a variety of Multipliers that can give you a boost so you can win big.

The Zuma logo is the symbol that will allow you to win the jackpot prize. It is also the symbol for the Zuma Wild feature. You are sure to be delighted every time the wild symbol appears on your payline. If you achieve a Reel win on any win line with a Wild symbol, you will be awarded a multiplier which ranges from 2x to 10x. Popping from the Wild symbol, the multiplier will be applied to the reel win to provide the total win. Only one multiplier will be recognised to work out the total Reel reward, regardless of the number of Wild symbols that were used to make up the Reel win.

If a number of line wins utilise a Wild symbol, then each winning line will be multiplied by the same value of the multiplier. The Wild symbol can substitute all wins except itself or scatter. Players can watch out for this feature during standard spins as well as in free spins. The only time that the Wild feature is ignored is when the average win with the multiplier would pay a larger sum.

Zuma Slots Bonus – Free Spins Scatter Feature

The Free Spins Bonus can be initiated if three, four or five multi-ball Scatter symbols appear anywhere. This slots bonus free spin is a Take your Pick style feature that will allow you to pick and reveal your free spins and multiplier values.

Select a Tiki Boss so you can reveal your number of free spins before you go to the Free Spins Reels. Once you’ve used your free spins, you can choose another Tiki Boss to reveal a Free Spins multiplier. This will multiply the amount you’ve won from Free Spins so you can determine your total win.

It is also important to note that during the Free Spins feature, there’s a possibility that free spins will retrigger. Let’s say that you’re playing the Free Spins feature and another set of Free Spins symbols pop out. You will then be awarded the same amount of spins that you gained from starting the bonus. To be specific, if you gained 20 Free Spins and you received more Free Spins awards, you can further get 20 free spins, regardless of the quantity of the scatter symbols.

At the end of the Free Spins feature, you will receive all wins multiplied by the value revealed by the Tiki Boss.

Zuma Gamble Feature

After any win that is lower below £250,000, you can decide to place in stake the amount you’ve just won. The Gamble is a Zuma slots feature that consists of four separate Gamble Reels, each containing a different win multiplier as well as 20 positions. You can either choose to GAMBLE, BANK or COLLECT.

Gamble – In this feature, you will have to press the Gamble button to select one of the Reels to spin. The chances of winning, along with the possible win multiplier available appear to be different for each reel. They are as follows (from left to right): Reel 1 features a 1 in 2(50%) success chances with any win multiplied by 2. Reel 2 features a 1 in 4(25%) success chances with any win multiplied by 4. Reel 3 features a 1 in 5(20%) success chances with any win multiplied by 5. Reel 4 features a 1 in 10(10%) success chances with any win multiplied by 10.

Bank – After earning money in the Winnings Panel from the initial gamble, you can choose to Bank your cash. If you choose this feature, half of the amount from the Winnings Panel will be transferred into the Banked Panel.

Collect – On the other hand, you can still choose to Collect if you have earned money in the Winnings Panel. When you choose this feature, it means that you will exit the Gamble feature and you will be given the amount that was indicated in the Winnings Panel. Remember that the Zuma Gamble feature is capped at max winnings. Let’s say you’ve achieved half of the max win total or even higher than it, then you cannot enter the Gamble feature.

Final Zuma Slots Thoughts

Playing an online Zuma slot machine with five reels and 20 paylines is purely simple and undeniably fun. It pays well, keeps your money topped and it gives you the hope of winning big. Online Zuma slot machines also offer a low variance, and this just means that you can enjoy spinning without worrying about losing a large sum of money. Needless to say, you can enjoy the spins and when you earn an amount that is over 25% of your starting balance, you can simply walk away with enough profit.

You may discover further into the game that sites feature it mostly to keep you spinning for as long as possible. However, the interesting graphics, as well as the inviting tribal music, will certainly create a thrilling excitement for you. Who knows... maybe on one of your spins, you may hit that 10x multiplier on a five of a kind! With Zuma slots, you can have an Aztec party filled with fun and real cash.