Playtika Slots

Are you looking for something outside the realm of traditional slot machines? Maybe you even don't want to play your usual online video slot games... If this is the case, then why don't you check out the slot games by Playtika. Playtika is a software provider that is dedicated to provide beautifully produced slot games and highly immersive social games that captivate audiences. The professionals behind Playtika Software consider themselves as artists, storytellers, gamers, and strategists. Playtika’s diverse portfolio of games will inspire you to play and reward you with prizes that will leave you feeling great and pumped up.

About Playtika Slots Software

Playtika is a company that is rooted in the social casino space. In fact, Playtika was one of the very first companies to introduce free-to-play casino-style games to social networks.

Playtika has been largely successful in applying intuitive understanding of what players want to online betting games such as slots, bingo, and casino table games.

As part of Caesars Interactive Entertainment (CIE), Playtika draws upon decades of gaming and entertainment experience. Both Playtika and CIE share a mission to deliver the best in betting and entertainment, whether it be in the real world or the digital world. In the future, Playtika hopes to continue to expand its reach to create casual games of all types for all audiences.

Online Playtika Slots Games

Playtika slot games are not like your usual games because these are designed to be delivered in a social networking context. Playtika’s Slotomania is a collection of online slot offers that aims to recapture the feeling of fun being with friends.

One of the biggest advantages of Playtika is that Slotomania is always being updated with new games. So if you like enjoy having lots of selections, Playtika’s Slotomania is a great choice. There are different kinds of games in this online portfolio. There are classic themed games, action themed games, fantasy themed games, and so on. There are even kooky games like Reel Friends. In this slots game, the symbols on the reels are the faces of your friends!

Things to Know About Playtika Slots

If you want to check out Playtika’s Slotomania, then you’ll be glad to know that you can access it for free. Many of the games even allow you to play online slots for free. Note that Slotomania is for players who are 21-years-old and above only, as Playtika follows the rules of betting commissions.

You can download Playtika online slots on mobile devices, desktops and laptops. Alternatively, you can play the slots on social networks, such as Facebook and Google+.

When you play Playtika slots, you will receive different kinds of top online slots bonuses. There are daily bonuses, Playtika contests, and you can even receive free coins as virtual gifts from friends.

Try Playtika Slots for a Social Slots Experience

Whether you are looking for something funny, adventurous, or dramatic, you will find a great collection of slot games created by Playtika. Playtika’s diverse portfolio of games will surely get you in the mood for spinning the reels and get a highly entertaining experience.