Betting on Athletics

Betting on athletics is very popular these days in many parts of the world. What do we mean by athletics? Different types of athletics betting include the Olympics, the World Championships, the European Championships, the Commonwealth Games and the Diamond League meetings. There are also many marathons and cross country races across the world that qualify as athletics.

Betting on athletics can be a great way to stay engaged with these major track and field type events. If you are looking to bet on athletics, you need to continue reading about the different bet types available.

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Athletics Bet Types

Winning the Event

This is when you make a pick and want them to finish first. Whether it be finishing a race first or throwing/jumping the farthest. You are placing your bet that the athlete will win the event. It's by far the most popular type of athletics bet.

Winning time

Another type of athletics bet is when you bet on the winning time. For example, you may bet that an athlete will finish a race in 5:00 to 5:10.

Athletics Future Bets

These types of athletics bets are self-explanatory. You may bet whether or not a world record will be broken. Or bet on how many golds a certain person will win during the Olympics.

Conclusion on Athletics Betting

We know this article on athletics betting is pretty small. But keep in mind that not every sportsbook offers athletics betting. Find your favorite sportsbook that does allow you to bet on athletics and get used to how it works.

You will want to study up on the different athletic events and know when they take place. Then once that event arrives, do your homework and prepare yourself to make the best athletics bets you can make. Good luck and happy athletics betting!

Athletics betting is most commonly found in newer bookmakers than older due to it's complexity and activity.