What is a Yankee Bet and a Canadian Bet?

What is a Yankee Bet and a Canadian Bet?

- July 11, 2016

You may already know how to place a single bet on sports matches, but have you ever considered putting together several bets into one huge wager? If you want to try something new, then try the Yankee bet and the Canadian bet! These types of wagers offer huge potential for winning – and can be quite the thrill!

Yankee Bet Explained

So what is a Yankee bet? A Yankee bet is a wager that has 11 separate bets in rolled up into one. In a Yankee bet, you choose four players or teams that you think is going to win separate sporting events.

To illustrate, let’s say that you are betting on Team A, Team B, Team C and Team D to win separate matches at your preferred top sports betting website. Here’s what your Yankee bet looks like:

  • 6 Double Bets – AB, AC, AD, BC, BD, CD
  • 4 Treble Bets – ABC, ABD, ACD, BCD
  • 1 Fourfold Bet - ABCD
  • TOTAL = 11 Bets

Since the Yankee is composed of 11 bets, your stake will be multiplied 11 times. So if you put a £1 stake, your total stake will amount to £11.

In order to get some money back, you need at least two teams to win out of the four. If two of your chosen teams win, you win one Double bet. If three of your teams win, you win three Doubles Bets and one Treble Bet. If all of your teams win, then you will six Doubles, four Trebles and one Fourfold Bet.

If you want to learn more about this type of wager and look at some examples, check out our page on the Yankee bet and Canadian bet.

Canadian Bet Explained

Now that you know what a Yankee bet is, you’re probably wondering “What is a Canadian bet? How is it different?” Well, a Canadian bet (also called the Super Yankee bet) actually works the same way as the Yankee bet. The difference is that in the Canadian bet, you are selecting five teams to win. With five selections, you have a total of 26 individual bets in your Canadian bet. Here is what the breakdown looks like:

  • 10 Double Bets
  • 10 Treble Bets
  • 5 Fourfold Bets
  • 1 Fivefold Accumulator
  • TOTAL = 26 Bets

Because the Canadian bet is made up of 26 individual bets, your stake will be multiplied by 26. So if you want to put a £1 stake, your total stake will amount to £26.

Just like the Yankee, you need at least two of your teams to win in order to get some money back. If only one team wins a match, then you lose your entire stake.

If two teams win their matches, then that means you win one Double bet. You lose the remaining 25 bets. If three teams win their matches, then you win three Double bets and one Treble bet. If four teams win, then you win six Double bets, four Treble bets, and one Fourfold bet.

Finally, if all of your teams win, then all of your 26 individual bets also win.

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Why Use a Yankee Bet and Canadian Bet?

Now that you know how a Yankee bet and Super Yankee bet works, you might be wondering about the advantages of using these kinds of bets. After all, you could just wager all your money on a single Treble bet or Fourfold accumulator and win a huge payout.

Although it is true that you will win more money betting the same amount on a Fourfold or Fivefold than a Yankee or Super Yankee, the chances of winning a Fourfold or Fivefold are dramatically lower than with a Yankee or Super Yankee bet. Let’s face it, betting on one team on one match can be hard enough – betting on four or five teams to win is much trickier!

With a Yankee bet, you have 11 possible combinations that could yield profit. With a Super Yankee bet, you have 26 possible combinations that could yield profit. By having these multiple combinations, you are spreading risk. If you lose one selection, you can still win with the others.

As long as you make your Yankee and Super Yankee bet picks wisely, you will have a lot of profit-making potential – arguably more so than if you kept placing Fourfold and Fivefold bets. So go to your favourite new sports betting site and try your hand at Yankee betting and Canadian betting!

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