Top NBA teams with best totals winning percentages

Top NBA teams with best totals winning percentages

- January 24, 2016

The 2015-2016 NBA season has been plagued by teams scoring a lot of points per game and other teams allowing too many.

The panorama on Over & Under bets has had an excellent performance for the strongest teams. For example, the Golden State Warriors team has 25 Overs, 17 Unders and 0 Pushes this season so far betting on the totals, with a performance winning percentage of 59.50% for Over bets.

Most of the NBA teams have good scorers, especially teams in the Western Conference which has 6 players in the top 10 ranking of the best points per game scorers of the season. Meanwhile the Eastern Conference has only four representatives in the ranking.

The best scorers in the Western Conference are: Stephen Curry - 30 PPG, James Harden - 27.5 PPG, DeMarcus Cousins - 25.9 PPG, Damian Lillard - 24.4 PPG, Blake Griffin - 23.2 PPG, DeMar DeRozan - 22.8 PPG, Kevin Durant - 26.5 PPG, Anthony Davis - 22.8 PPG, Andrew Wiggins - 20.8 PPG.

The best scorers in the Eastern Conference are: LeBron James - 25.3 PPG, Paul George - 23.9 PPG, DeMar DeRozan - 22.8 PPG, Jimmy Butler - 22.4 PPG, Isaiah Thomas - 21.8 PPG, Carmelo Anthony - 21.5 PPG, Kyle Lowry - 21 PPG, John Wall - 20 PPG, Kemba Walker - 19.9 PPG, Brook Lopez - 19.9 PPG.

As shown above, almost all players from both conferences are scoring 21 points or more on average per each game. These scorers statistics serves to calculate the possible outcomes of each game depending on the team and the players.

To get a clearer view of which teams are scoring the most points we can see the top ten scoring teams in the league (so far) and realize where are the most of the players named above: Golden State 114.3, Oklahoma City 108.5, Sacramento 106.3, L.A. Clippers 104.8, Houston 104.3, San Antonio 103.9, Boston 103.6, Indiana 102.7, Atlanta 102.6, Phoenix 102.1

With these percentages points we realize that most teams have been playing very hard this NBA season. Although some teams have not fared very well they have been able to defend and score points to avoid being humiliated with few wins or bad results in the season. In the end the bettor does not care if the team loses or wins, the important thing is to score down the amount of points needed to cover the Overs/Unders bet.

Below the table with the top 10 teams to make Over/Unders bets:

TeamO/U %
Golden State Warriors25-17-0 (4.80, 59.5%)
Atlanta Hawks20-21-1 (0.68, 48.8%)
Miami Heat13-27-1 (-2.49, 32.5%)
Utah Jazz14-24-3 (1.20, 36.8%)
New York Knicks23-20-0 (1.23, 53.5%)
Dallas Mavericks17-26-0 (-2.28, 39.5%) 
Oklahoma City Thunder16-25-1 (0.13, 39.0%)
Phoenix Suns21-19-2 (2.33, 52.5%)
Milwaukee Bucks24-18-1 (2.76, 57.1%)
Eastern Conference296-310-13 (0.48, 48.8%)
Western Conference282-326-21 (0.35, 46.4%)
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