William Hill and Ladbrokes Live on Betfect Social Sports

William Hill and Ladbrokes Live on Betfect Social Sports

- June 02, 2016

The well-known UK bookmakers William Hill and its rival Ladbrokes have recently signed up to be major online betting operators for a social sports betting platform called Betfect.

About the Betfect Social Sports Betting Platform

Betfect is a sports betting-focused social networking start-up that is designed to bring a social element into wagering via social networks. This will enable Betfect users to place, share and compare bets. This brings a whole new level to the wagering experience, it’s no wonder the best online sports betting websites are joining in.

For competitive sports bettors, Betfect also offers a leaderboard that tracks all of its members’ wagers, this way players can see who have been betting more successfully than others. So if you want to check out the best tennis game betting wagers that have been made, you will see it on the Betfect leaderboard.

There are also competitions between punters that you can play on the Betfect site. You can receive some incredible prizes, such as free online sports bets and live sporting event tickets.

A Lucrative Partnership

Spokespersons from William Hill online sports wagering and Betfect social betting have expressed great optimism for their new partnership.

Alex Rutherford – William Hill head of product innovation – said, “Creating a social network for the sports betting community, allowing users to stay connected while using our services is a great idea.

“We are delighted to boost innovation by helping and supporting start-ups like Betfect to increase the level of engagement amongst our customers and to bring new ideas to market.”

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Giacomo Alpago – founder of Betfect – added, "We are delighted to be the first social sports betting application to seamlessly integrate with both Ladbrokes and William Hill's APIs to provide an enhanced betting experience for our users.

"We aim to socialize the digital betting experience and do for the betting industry what eToro is doing for financial trading markets.”

Sports Betting on Betfect

Betfect offers sports fans and punters the complete process of wagering. This includes new account registration, deposits, withdrawals and placing wagers – all from within its platform. So if you want to see the latest European football or Australian rugby league betting odds, you will also find it on Betfect.

Players can easily place bets and invite friends from other social media platforms (like Facebook and Twitter) to the site. Players can even copy bets from other punters, through the “Copy Bet” function.

Betfect is currently in the process of integrating more sports bookmakers to the site, ahead of its release for iOS and Android apps. This is great news for all those punters who like betting on-the-go!

If you want to try this new platform but you are new in the sports betting world, then you might want to check out our article on essential sports betting terms. This article will help guide you through all of the terms that you will encounter in a betting site.

Brodey Sheppard

Brodey Sheppard

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