Alpinism, also known as mountaineering, describes the sport of mountain climbing. As you can imagine, this sport has a lot to do with perseverance and overcoming obstacles. And of course, it also takes quite a bit of physical skill to reach the summit.

So, what is alpinism? In short, the goal of a competition is to reach the high points of a mountain.

This sport has been around since the 1850’s, getting its start in the United Kingdom. The Alpine Club, known to be the first mountaineering club in the world, was formed in 1857.

While alpinism competitions are held throughout the world, these are common in areas such as Colorado, New York, Virginia, and Washington. There are many mountains in these states that make for the perfect stage for an alpinism competition.

Now that you have more alpinism information on hand, you can decide if you want to get involved with this sport. It may be the thrill you have been searching for.