What is aquathlon? Also known as underwater wresting, this is when two competitors, wearing masks and other equipment, attempt to remove a ribbon from the other’s ankle band.

While the first aquathlon took place in 1982 in Moscow, Russia, the sport has grown in popularity since then.

In addition to masks, aquathlon competitors also wear ankle bands with ribbons, as well as fins. The primary objective is simple: to take the ribbon from the other person’s ankle. The competitors wrestle both on the surface and underway.

Generally speaking, there are three rounds in an aquathlon match, with each one lasting 30 seconds each. It typically takes place in a swimming pool with a depth in the two to six meter range.

The Aquathlon Commission of the CMAS Sports Committee is the governing body of this growing sport.

This aquathlon information may be enough for you to get involved with the sport as a competitor or spectator.