What is ballooning? If you find yourself asking this question, you will have a great time searching for more information. This air sport, which involves flying a hot air balloon, is just about as exciting as they come.

In the early days of hot air balloons, people took to the sky for nothing more than a good time. Now, however, this has all changed. In today’s day and age, ballooning has turned into a sport with a large following.

Ballooning races are all about testing accuracy, not speed. Fliers are required to become familiar with wind speed, direction, and the impact of altitude on flight. The goal is simple: to navigate your balloon as closely as possible to a fixed target point set up on the ground. When you reach your target, you will drop a marker onto the ground. Your score is based on the distance between the intended target and the where the marker landed.

While competitions vary, five targets are typically used in a ballooning competition. The combined score for all targets is used to name the winner.

Even though there is not a lot of ballooning information available to people who want to get involved with the sport, this is changing by the day. As more and more people across the globe get involved, it’s only natural to believe that the sport of ballooning will pick up in popularity.