Banger Racing

Banger racing takes place on a dirt track. While this sport is most popular in Europe, it is beginning to pick up steam in other parts of the country. The highest population of interested participants are located in the United Kingdom, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

Generally speaking, scrap cars are used in banger racing. There are two types of drivers: those who want to win the race and those who set out to do as much damage as possible. The latter are known as wreckers, and these are typically more popular among spectators.

While the size of the race often differs, don’t be surprised if there are 30 to 40 cars participating. Upon completion, some of the awards given out include Best Car, Best Entertainer, and Best Wrecker.

From the start, all the vehicles are lined up next to each other. From there, a race of anywhere from 10 to 20 laps takes place.

Tip: a yellow flag warns the drivers that caution is required.

As you collect more banger racing information, you may become excited about getting involved. From there, you no longer have to ask what is banger racing. Instead, you can simply get started.