Bare-knuckle boxing

Bare-knuckle boxing may not be something you want to get involved with on your own, but it is great fun as a spectator. As the name suggests, this is when two people fight each other without the use of boxing gloves or any other hand protection.

Unlike a street fight, however, there are a variety of rules in place.

Did you know that bare-knuckle boxing dates back to the 1700’s, with the first title awarded in 1719?

There is a lot to learn about bare-knuckle boxing, such as the techniques that are often used by the competitors. This bare-knuckle boxing information will give you a better idea of what you are watching. For instance, arm locks and chokes are common maneuvers.

Thanks to the World Bareknuckle Boxing Association, this sport continues to grow in popularity. While this may not be a popular sport in every part of the world, there are some in which it is truly a favorite.

With 17 rounds of action, bare-knuckle boxing will keep you on the edge of your seats. You no longer have to ask yourself what is bare-knuckle boxing. You now know what this sport is all about.