Originating in Norway, basse is a popular bag ball game that originated in Norway. While it is still played primarily in this country, others are beginning to catch on to just how much fun it can be.

The sport is played with a ball, known as a basse, made out of old rubber bands tied together. Even so, the ball is not supposed to bounce.

Here is another piece of basse information to understand: the field is unique in the way that a mid-field circle is approximately 1.5 m in diameter, with circles of squares around it representing player regions.

Generally speaking, a basse match is played between five or six players, although this can be varied depending on how many people are available.

Note: basse is an individual sport, with all players competing against one another.

The object of the game is for each player to prevent the ball from landing in their region, while also trying to land it on other player’s regions. Any part of the body, except the hands, can be used to strike the ball.

With this information, you will never again find yourself asking what is basse. You should now have a basic idea of how this game is played. Are you going to give it a try?