What is bat-and-trap? If you have yet to answer this question, you may not know much about the popular English pub game. Fortunately, once you collect some bat-and-trap information, you will be well on your way to playing.

In many ways, bat-and-trap is similar to cricket. The equipment you need is basic, including a bat, ball, and trap. The trap is nothing more than a wooden box, typically 22 inches X 5 inches X 5 inches.

There are two teams in a bat-and-trap game, with both sides comprised of eight players. One team starts the action by batting, while the other team bowls. After the first inning takes place, the teams switch roles.

While at bat, the ball is placed on one end of the trap, with the player attempting to hit the other side to propel the ball in an upward motion. It is then that the batsman attempts to hit the ball between two seven foot high posts. It is the job of the bowling team to catch the ball before it hits the ground.

As you can see, bat-and-trap is similar to cricket and baseball in many ways. If you like either of these sports, you will enjoy this one as well.