Beach Basketball

What is beach basketball? Answering this question is quite simple. This is nothing more than the game of basketball played at the beach. Easy enough, right?

In this version of the game, two teams of three players each, along with two substitutions, compete against each other on a court made of sand. Just the same as traditional basketball, there are two baskets, one at each end of the court. Players do not wear shoes during this game.

A typical beach basketball game lasts for 10 minutes, broken down into two five minute halves with a short intermission between the two.

With this game, if the ball hits the sand the player who gets it first can take it and do their best to score. If the game ends in a tie, there is a shoot-out with each player on the team taking a free throw.

To date, there have been many World Championships in the game of beach basketball, which allows teams from around the globe to show that they are the best of the best. For more beach basketball information, all you have to do is take in a game. From there, you will better understand what it entails.