Beach Woodball

Beach woodball got its start in Taiwan, and is one of the most popular sports of the Asian Beach Games.

This is a variation of the game of woodball, with the main difference being that it is played on sand and a mallet is used to hit the ball through a gate.

Made of rubber or wood, the mallet is one of the primary pieces of equipment used in this game. Along with this, a ball that is 9.5 centimeters in diameter, made of natural wood, is also used.

The gate is created by using two bottles on the ground that are connected by a pole. This is where the wooden cup is placed.

When the ball goes through the gate the cup is turned upside down. This is a big part in scoring the game and determining who is the winner.

Another important piece of beach woodball information is that it is played by both men and women. Along with this, there are single, double, and team competitions (made up of anywhere from four to six players).

What is beach woodball? You will never again find yourself asking this question. You now know that the game is popular. You also know how it is played. You simply need to decide if you are going to get involved.