What is behcup? In short, this is a game similar in many ways to golf. The only difference being that you are putting a ball past a goal line, not into a hole.

The goal of behcup is simple: to guide a ball, which is positioned by an opponent, into the goal line.

Played on a field measuring 6 X 8m to 8 X 20m, there is a lot of behcup information to become familiar with. First and foremost, players use a club and either 10 tennis or golf balls. The game can be played in teams or singles.

A behcup match is played for anywhere from one to six sets, with each set consisting of 10 shots from each player. The player who positions the ball has 10 seconds to do so. The player hitting the ball has 15 seconds to take a shot. Teams alternate back and forth.

Shots are required to stay within the field of play, with a foul being called in the event that the ball is hit out of the field.

At the end of a behcup, the player or team with the most points is named the winner.