What is boardercross? Known by many other names, including snow boardercross and snowboard cross, this is a type of snowboarding competition in which participants compete for the top stop.

In short, boardercross involves a small group of snowboards, typically four or six people, who simultaneously start at the top of a winding course. As they race to the finish line, spectators cheer them on.

There is a lot of boardercross information to take in, including the fact that competitions last for more than one round. This often includes a time trail as well as a direct racing round.

No two boardercross courses are the same, which adds a high level of excitement to the experience. From rollers to drops to turns and jumps, a participant is faced with many obstacles along the way.

Did you know that boardercross was part of the popular Winter X-Games from 1997 to 2012. After taking a break, it was recently reintroduced. On top of this, boardercross has been one of the most exciting events in the Winter Olympics since getting its start in 2006.

It doesn’t matter what you call this sport, it remains one of the most exhilarating of all the snow-based events.