Bobsleigh, also known as bobsled, is a popular winter sport. It involves teams of two or four people making timed runs down an icy track.

Here is some bobsleigh information that will open your eyes. First off, the tracks are made of concrete and then covered in ice. For this reason, it is not uncommon for participants to reach extreme speeds.

Another thing you need to know is that sleighs used in competitions are approximately 12.5 feet long. Along with this, the maximum weight is 290 kg, 340 kg, or 630 kg, including the crew, and based on the type of competition.

In a four man bobsleigh crew, there are two pushers, a brakeman, and a pilot.

The most successful bobsleigh participants combine plenty of speed and strength.

For many years, bobsledding has been a popular sport in the Winter Olympics. With this information, you will never again find yourself asking “what is bobsleigh?”