What is boccia? This is a ball sport, similar in many ways to bocce, which is geared towards participants with a physical disability.

There is a lot of boccia information to become familiar with, including the fact that the game can be played between individuals, pairs, or groups of three.

The goal of the game is to pitch leather balls as close as possible to a white target ball, also known as a jack. The first ball to be thrown is the jack. From there, two regular balls follow. At this point, whichever player is furthest away will have the opportunity to get closer. They can also attempt to knock the opponent’s ball out of the way.

Participants are permitted to move the ball with their hands or feet.

A referee is in place to measure the distance from the balls to the jack at the end of each round. One point is then given to the person or team who is closest.

If you have yet to experiment with boccia, give this game a try. It is a ball sport that continues to remain popular in many parts of the world, especially among those with a physical disability.