There is a lot of bodybuilding information out there, some of which is accurate and some of which is not. But here is something you need to know: this is a sport that is growing quickly in many parts of the world.

Bodybuilding competitions are extremely popular for a number of reasons. Not only are they fun to watch, but many people enjoy getting involved on their own.

In competition bodybuilding, participants show off for the judges, using poses and routines to prove that their body is in better shape than the rest. They are judged on a variety of factors, including symmetry, conditioning, and of course, muscularity.

Of course, getting ready for a bodybuilding competition is hard work. This takes a lot of time and effort, as participants have to be in tiptop shape in order to compete at the highest level.

What is bodybuilding? With this information, you now know the answer. You also know that this sport is more popular than ever. You can be a spectator or participant. Either way, you know you will enjoy yourself.