Bossaball is a sport similar to football and volleyball. Needless to say, betting on bossaball will be as easy as wagering online on football or volleyball. Developed by Filip Eyckmans in 2004, this game continues to grow in popularity with each passing year.

In your quest to learn more about bossaball, you will soon realise that the game is played on an inflatable court, complete with one trampoline on each side of a net. As you visualise this, you will begin to get a better idea of just how exciting the game can be.

Betting on Bossaball Online

Even though bossaball is not considered a popular sport, there are still trusted online bookmakers which accept bets for this sports event. Keep in mind that in sports betting, bossaball is considered a niche event. This means that better odds will be presented to you and if you win, you will receive a considerable prize. Check out HitYah's reliable sportsbook reviews to be able to choose the best sports betting site for you. 

Detailed Bossaball Information

In short, bossaball is played by two teams of four or five players each. Unlike many games, in which the height of the net is standard, this is not the case with bossaball. Instead, it can be adjusted to accommodate the players. For example, younger players may opt for a shorter net, making the game easier to play.

A team wins points by scoring or when the other team makes a mistake. Some of the rules include:

  • A maximum number of eight touches per possession.
  • You are able to serve the ball however you want.
  • You are only allowed to touch the ball once with your hands, but double touching with other body parts is allowed.
  • One point is awarded for scoring on the court.
  • Three points are awarded for scoring on the trampoline.
  • A bossaball match is played over the course of three sets.
  • The winner of a set is determined by the first team to reach 25 points, while leading by two points.

If you find yourself asking what is bossaball, you now have a better idea. This game continues to grow, with the most action in countries such as Argentina, Germany, Spain, Israel, Chile, and Qatar.

As fun as bossaball sounds, it is even more exciting once you get involved. It only takes a few minutes to catch on to the rules, however, the physical demands take some getting used to.