Box Lacrosse

As you search for box lacrosse information, you may soon find that this sport is one that you want to get involved with.

So, what is box lacrosse? This is a popular game, also known as indoor lacrosse, which is played inside an arena. While most popular in North America, others throughout the world are beginning to get involved.

Since the 1930’s, box lacrosse has been a game played in an area that resembles an ice rink, without the ice, of course. This area is known as the box.

A game of box lacrosse is played by two teams of six players. Both teams have a goalkeeper, as well as five runners. The runners are the defenders, forwards, and transition players.

The primary goal of the game is for the players to use their lacrosse stick to catch, pass, carry, and eventually shoot the ball into the other team’s net.

While the rules are similar to outdoor lacrosse, box lacrosse is played indoors.