British Baseball

British baseball, a game which many refer to as Welsh baseball, is played in both England and Wales. As a bat and ball game, it is similar to rounders. While the name may be similar, the sport is not identical to the popular game of baseball, which is played in North America among other parts of the world.

In British baseball, the ball is thrown in an underarm manner, which is referred to as bowling. This is different than traditional baseball in which the ball is thrown overhand, for the most part, and is known as pitching.

Eleven players participate in a game of British baseball, but substitutions are not permitted. It is this type of British baseball information that will help you better understand how to play the game.

Also, British baseball only consists of two innings.

Finally, the bases in British baseball are poles, not actually bases on the field. The bat is also different than in traditional baseball, as its striking surface is flat.

With this information, you will never again find yourself asking what is British baseball?