What is broomball? Do you have the broomball information you need in order to get involved with this game?

This recreational game is believed to have started in Canada. However, it is now played in all parts of the world. Broomball is a team sport, similar in many ways to ice hockey. Of course, there are many differences, such as the fact that a broom shaped stick is used to push the ball around.

Played on an ice surface without skates, there are two teams of six players each. Each team also has a goaltender, meaning there are five players left to attack and score. Goals are scored by hitting the ball into the other team’s net.

The broom can have an aluminum or wooden shaft. It also consists of a rubber-molded head which appears similar to the broom used to clean a home. Instead of wearing spikes, players rely on rubber-soled shoes for traction.

Broken up into two or three period games, once you get involve with broomball you will be hoping the fun lasts all day!