Bull Fighting

What is bull fighting? For the most part, this is exactly what it sounds like. A popular sport in Spain, as well as other Hispanic countries, this involves a person fighting one or more bulls.

During a bull fighting event, a torero performs moves which have a meaning. These are performed when a bull is weak, making the event much less dangerous.

When the bull fighter hooks the bull multiple times behind the shoulder, the event comes to an end with the killing of the bull. This is done with a single thrust of a sword.

Depending on the country, it may be illegal for the fighter to kill the bull. In this case, the event moves forward as planned, but at the end, the bull is returned to its owner as opposed to killed.

This bull fighting information is interesting in many ways. Even if you don’t get involved with the sport as a fighter, you can still take in an event at one of many venues across the world. For example, Plaza Mexico in Mexico City is one of the largest bull fighting venues, with the ability to accommodate nearly 50,000 spectators.