Camel Jumping

What is camel jumping? For the most part, this is exactly what it sounds like. A sport that is only played by Zaraniq desert tribesmen, it has remained popular among these people for many years.

When it comes to camel jumping information, the most important thing is the rules. In short, the goal of the sport is to clean jump over a group of camels that are stacked in a horizontal manner. A jump is considered invalid if any part of the person touches the camel.

In addition to traditional attire, players are barefoot when competing in a camel jumping competition.

Players start a match from a distance, sprinting towards the camels to prepare for the jump. With a takeoff mound, players know exactly where to begin their leap. The player who jumps over the largest number of camels is the winner.

While there is no schedule for camel jumping events, these are common during festivals, weddings, and other ceremonies.