What is camogie? If you don’t know anything about this Irish contact sport, it won’t take long for you to learn. Played by women, this game is similar in many ways to hurling, which is more commonly played by men.

Although camogie is popular in Ireland, it’s beginning to grow in other parts of the world.

A contest consists of two teams with 15 players on each side. It is played on a field that measures anywhere from 130 to 145 meters in length, by approximately 80 to 90 meters wide. The goals used in the game are shaped like an H. When a player scores a goal, it counts for three points. If the ball goes over the bar, the team gets a single point.

In a game of camogie, the goalie and outfield players wear the same color jersey.

What other camogie information do you need to know? When you combine the above with the fact that a game lasts approximately 60 minutes, you have an exciting event that attracts plenty of players and spectators.