Candlepin Bowling

With the right candlepin bowling information, you can decide if you want to partake in this sport as a player or spectator.

Played primarily in Canada and the New England states of the US, candlepin bowling continues to pick up in popularity.

The lane used in a game of candlepin bowling is similar in many ways to that of traditional bowling. Along with this setup, there is a metal plate used to form what is known as the pindeck.

A typical candlepin stands approximately 400mm high and is cylindrical in shape. This is where the game gets its name, as the pins resemble candles.

There is a lane line, known as the lob line, that is approximately three meters down the lane. The ball is required to make contact with the lane before this line. If it does not, any pins that are knocked down will not count towards the player’s score.

So, what is candlepin bowling? You now have enough information to answer this question