What is canoeing? Known as a paddle sport, it consists of a rider in a closed or open decked canoe. The person is responsible for propelling him or herself through the water with the help of a single-bladed paddle.

Many years ago, canoeing meant that the rider would kneel on the bottom of the watercraft. However, most canoes now have a seat.

One of the most interesting facts regarding canoeing information is that the sport has been in existence for more than 100 years. It was in 1866 when John MacGregor founded the Royal Canoe Club.

In 1874, the first canoeing competition took place, known as the Paddling Challenged Club.

There are many forms of canoeing, including canoe polo, canoe racing, extreme racing, and surf skiing.

Those who enjoy the water, canoes, and the competition are sure to fall in love with everything that canoeing has to offer.