Originating in Brazil many years ago, Capoeira is a form of martial arts that combines acrobatics with dance moves and music. While the origin of the sport remains unclear, it is widely believed that African slaves were among the first to develop the activity.

Capoeira is a competitive sport, with a game typically played on a field known as a Roda. With this, the musicians surround the playing field.

There are many movements used in a game of Capoeira, including Ginga, which means the body is in constant movement.

Attacks in a game of Capoeira are typically by way of leg sweeps, knee strikes, and swirling kicks. While not common, punches and elbow strikes are often used.

The primary goal of a Capoeira game is not to knock down the opponent, but to simply display superior skills.

So, what is Capoeira? This Capoeira information should help you better understand these competitions, however, if you truly want to learn more, you should take in a match.