Casting, also referred to as cast fishing, is a big part of angling. There are many techniques a person can use to improve this skill, which is why the sport continues to grow in popularity.

The primary intention of the game is to test a player’s distance of cast and accuracy.

The technique a person uses for casting will vary with the type of fish they are attempting to catch. For example, there are heavier rods used in saltwater fishing. There are also lighter rods, such as those for fly fishing.

This casting information is important also: a competition can take place on any body of water or in an open field, with artificial pools set up.

There are many classifications of casting, including but not limited to revolving spool, fixed spool, and single handed casting. In a competition, players are required to cast in the direction of a target.

If you have questions, such as what is casting, you should turn your attention to the International Casting Sport Federation. Along with this, the annual Casting Championships is held in the US and attracts participants from all over the world.