As you collect chinlone information, you will soon find that this game is known as many other names, including caneball. As the traditional sport of Myanmar and Burma, many people play this team game.

Considered to be a combination of dance and sport, chinlone mixes both competition and creativity to make for a unique game.

So, what is chinlone?

In short, the game is played by two teams, with six players on each team. The ball is passed back and forth, between players, suing their heads, feet, and knees. While doing so, the players walk around a circle. As the game is being passed around, a player goes into the middle and puts together a variety of dance moves.

Most of the time, chinlone is played with special shoes or barefoot.

If you have never experienced a game of chinlone in person, you are missing out on a unique game that is one of the most creative you will find.