Corkball, also known as mini-baseball, is similar to America’s game but is played on a much smaller field.

Corkball is played with a ball that is smaller than a baseball. Along with this, bats are much thinner, anywhere up to 1.5 inches in diameter. They are also shorter, with 38 inches being the longest bat.

Most corkball fields are 250 feet long by 30 feet wide.

Strikes and balls are called in the same manner as baseball. However, due to the smaller field, there are no bases or base running. Instead, there is a virtual running system calculated by how far the ball travelers.

  • Single: a hit between 15 and 150 feet
  • Double: a hit between 150 and 200 feet
  • Triple: a hit between 200 and 250 feet
  • Homerun: a hit that is longer than 250 feet.

Note: any hit that fails to travel 15 feet is not counted.

A game of corkball is played between two teams, with five players on each team. Even so, it is possible for a game to be played with only two players.

With this corkball information, you will never again ask what is corkball!