Cowboy Mounted Shooting

What is cowboy mounted shooting? Well, there is more to this equestrian sport than an interesting name. It includes participants riding a horse and shooting a gun at the same time.

Although the sport has only been around since the 1990’s, it continues to grow in popularity. At this time, cowboy mounted shooting is only played in the United States.

Thanks to a special course, riders are able to partake in cowboy mounted shooting without any confusion as to what they are doing. With the use of a single action revolver, they make their way around the course and through a variety of challenges. All the while, they attempt to hit as many targets as possible.

During a cowboy mounted shooting competition, all rides are timed. Along with this, any missed targets are penalized. This leads to a final score that declares the winner.

Thanks to this cowboy mounted shooting information, you should have a better idea of how the sport is played and whether or not you want to learn more.