Cycle Speedway

What is cycle speedway? If you are not familiar with this sport, it is about time that you learn more. Although unofficial races have been taking place for many years, it was in 1971 that the sport became more serious in the United Kingdom.

The bicycles used in a cycle speedway race have a single gear with no brakes. Many people consider them to be a combination of a mountain bike and road bike. Riders wear a variety of protective gear, including knee and elbow pads, a fully body suit, and of course, a helmet.

There are three different types of cycle speedway races: team of four, a pair, and individuals. Regardless of the type, the goal is the same: the rider or team that completes the race first is declared the winner.

If this cycle speedway information is not enough for you to learn more, it’s time to take in a race. You will find competitions throughout the United Kingdom, including both a European championship and world championship event.