Even if you don’t have any cyclo-cross information to go off of, you can learn more about this growing sport in no time at all.

A typical cyclo-cross race consists of multiple laps around a one to two mile course of varying terrain, which can include sharp corners, climbs, and much more. Riders will also face a variety of conditions, such as sand, mud, grass, dirt, and asphalt.

While not always the case, the majority of cyclo-cross races take place during the fall and winter months. The cyclo-cross world championship is held every year in January. In the United States and Canada, the championship events take place in November and December.

As you compare cyclo-cross bicycles, you will find that these are similar to road racing bikes. The only difference is knobby tires, wider tire clearances, and lower gearing.

So, what is cyclo-cross? With this information, you should better understand what the sport is all about.