Czech Handball

What is Czech handball? This game was created in Prague in 1905, making it more than 100 years old.

In many ways, Czech handball is the same as team handball. While the rules may be a bit different, if you know how to play one it is likely that you can get involved with the other.

Here is some Czech handball information to become familiar with. First and foremost, the field size should measure 45 meters by 30 meters. Along with this, the goal should be 200 cm wide and 240 cm high.

There are three areas of a Czech handball field: the offense third, the middle third, and the defense third.

In Czech handball, there are two teams, each one with seven players. This includes three forwards, two halfbacks, and the goalkeeper. Players are not permitted to hold the ball for more than two seconds at a time. They can throw the ball off the ground or upon the head to advance the ball.

The team with the most goals at the end of a Czech handball game is declared the winner.