50-Ball Bingo

When online bingo first hit our screens, it was initially only the 75-ball bingo variant, followed by the UK 90-ball bingo game. Over the years, however, the industry has become more and more competitive and so many brands have been extending to even more variants to keep our interest!

Astute online bingo operators know that different things appeal to all of us, and that’s why we’ve seen the introduction of many new variants, including 50-ball bingo.

This version is growing in popularity as online gaming gets bigger, but it’s still not available everywhere. Most standard online bingo sites offer the two main variants but some operators are running with this new game, and it’s proving popular! If you haven’t yet played, then you may be asking yourself “What is 50-ball bingo?” Hopefully, we can make that clear here.

50-Ball Bingo Sites

Brand Details & Bonus Data
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Game Village Logo First Deposit Deposit £5 get £20 free
Hippy Bingo Logo Sign Up Bonus Get £15 free no deposit required
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Comfy Bingo Logo First Deposit Deposit £10 get £50 free
Swag Bingo Logo Deposit Bonus Deposit £10 Play with £40 New players 18+ only| 300% match bingo bonus up to £120 on 1st dep, 30 days expiry | £10 min & £500 max dep | Wagering requirements (4x Bingo) T&Cs.
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If we had to sum up what 50-ball bingo is, then it’s a cross between the 90-ball and 75-ball versions. The fewer numbers in 50-ball mean a shorter game. In addition, most sites pay two prizes for the standard 50-ball game, so you get extra chances to win!

If your favourite brand new bingo site has 50-ball bingo, then you’ll want to make sure you know how the game is played. With that in mind, here is some information about this newer online bingo variant.

The 50-Ball Bingo Card

This bingo card is made up of a 2 x 5 rectangular grid. This grid contains two rows of five numbers, each between 1 and 50. There are no free squares in the 50-ball game, and so every square must be covered. Prizes are awarded for completing one line, and completing the full house.

The simplicity of the 50-ball bingo ticket makes this variant easy to play from the outset. There are no patterns to look out for, no free squares, just two simple lines of numbers. Even if you’re unfamiliar with this variant, you’re unlikely to have any problems and you will learn how to play bingo online quickly.

Types of Bingo Games

You may rarely encounter a 50-ball bingo game with a single jackpot prize, but usually, the game is two-tiered. This means the jackpot is split, with a share going to the one line winner and another share going to the full house winner. Typically, the full house prize pays a bigger percentage of the prize pool than the one line prize.

Unlike the traditional UK 90-ball bingo game, there are no free squares on the 50-ball bingo board, all squares are needed before the winner is announced.

Some sites do offer different variants of the 50-ball game, the most popular found is the one mentioned above on the 2 x 5 grid, so it’s always best to familiarise yourself depending on where you are playing.

How to Play 50-Ball Bingo

As this isn’t one of the standard variants, it might take a little effort to find a site that offers it. To help you find a perfect choice, you can check out our trusted online bingo site reviews. Once you’ve found a good online or mobile site, you can enjoy the 50-ball rooms whenever you like. Click the room to enter, buy your tickets for the next game and then just wait for the game to begin.

Pretty soon the bingo host will start to call one number at a time in random order. Thankfully, if you’re playing online, most sites have the auto-daub feature so you won’t need to flit around marking your numbers. You can keep an eye on your cards easily, and check that jackpot.

50-Ball Two-Tiered Winnings

The prizes in 50-ball bingo should be two tiered, a one-line, then a jackpot winner. When you play, you’re looking for that one line prize first. To win the prize you will need to complete either the top line or the bottom line on your ticket, with five called numbers in a row. If you’re the first to complete a line, then you win the prize for the one-line winner.

After a break to announce the one-line winner, the game will restart and then you’ll be playing for the full house. For the full house prize, you’ll need to complete the second line. This could be easier than the one line prize, especially as you may already have some numbers on the other line marked off. For this reason, the full house prize is often called very quickly after the one line prize. The full house prize usually offers the bigger share of the prize pool.

Sites do sometimes have specials, or play a slightly different variant of the 50-ball game. We suggest it’s best to try out the room available before you assume all the rules.

Play 50-Ball Bingo Online!

While the standard 90-ball and 75-ball bingo games remain incredibly popular, there is room for more variants in this busy market! 50-ball bingo is just one of the new variants being tried out by some innovative and exciting bingo sites, and where it is available, it’s proving popular with players.

With two prizes each game, it’s easy to see the appeal. We all hope to win after all, and a small one line win can often keep us playing for a while even if it’s not quite enough to get excited about. On the flipside, the two-tiered prize pool does mean that if you win the full house, it’s likely you will receive a smaller amount than say if you’d won a 75-ball jackpot, but you do get two chances to win.

As 50-ball bingo is one of the newer bingo variants, it’s still growing in popularity. This means that where it is available, there’s only usually one 50-ball bingo room, and it’s likely that it may be frequented by fewer players than the standard game variants. This can mean slightly smaller pot prizes, but it can also increase your overall chances of scooping a prize!

Now all that’s left to do is log onto your favourite online or mobile bingo site, check the rooms and see if they have 50-ball bingo available for your to try.