Cookies Policy

By using the website, services, or App (“Services”) of Hityah Media Limited, you hereby agree to be automatically bound by this Cookies policy. This Cookies policy explains what Cookies are, and how the Company uses them while you use the Services.

What are Cookies?

In general, Cookies are comprised of a set of text files which are used to record your interactions with the Services. Cookies transmit data to us which enable us to remember your configurations and preferences when using the Services. Other parameters which Cookies may transmit may involve your country, device used, customization of page preferences, and any other data which Cookies may customarily transmit.

The website and Services of the Company may also utilize Cookies to be able to particularly identify you from the other uses of the Services. This aids the Services to give you a better and more customized experience. You agree that Cookies may be stored in your hard drive or your browser if you continue to use the Services.

Types of Cookies

The information collected by our Cookies can also pertain to Analytics data which helps us assess, improve, and analyze the performance of the site and the Services. These Cookies are called Analytics cookies.

Apart from Analytics cookies, the Services also uses Session cookies which allow the Services to hold various data such as your login credentials during a browsing session.

The Services also reserves the right to utilize the following other types of Cookies:

  • We may use Functionality cookies which allow us to remember you specifically when you visit the Services. This allows us to customize our services specifically for you, including parameters which may include your name and your preferences.
  • Targeting Cookies which allow us to record your visit, landing pages visit, and which may allow to send you customized promotions and advertisements.

You have the option to disable cookies – however, you should be aware that disabling cookies may affect the Services, and may result in a non optimal performance of the Services. The Services also likewise hereby demands that no third party may use the information collected by our cookies for their own purposes.

Limitation of Liability

The Company and the Services also hereby reserves the right to share information from Cookies to third parties and our partners and affiliates. You hereby agree that the Company shall never be liable to you for its use of Cookies, or your information which are collected from the use of Cookies.