Best Casino Bonus

We are all aware of the rising popularity of online casinos. The best online casino sites offer convenience and the same experience as traditional casinos. More players are actively participating in online casinos, and many are winning real money playing their favourite online casino games.

The question from most first-time players is “what are the best casino bonuses?” You may find that all online casinos have their own promotions and bonuses. In fact, the best casino bonus is not that hard to find.

First of all, before we discuss the best casino bonuses available at online casinos, we must understand certain aspects of the industry.

Why are Casino Bonuses Offered?

Some think of online casino bonuses as ‘too good to be true’ promotions. Take it from us, they most definitely exist. You may wonder why online casinos offer such generous bonuses.

The answer is simple, promotion. Online casinos have a lot of competition. Online casino bonuses make it easier for these companies to attract and maintain their players. Typically, it’s a win-win situation that benefits both the player and the company!

The best casino bonuses in the online casino industry can be an injection of cash for players just like you! Take advantage of these generous promotions, if they suit your needs. The bigger the bonus, the bigger the chances of playing to hit the jackpot using these online casino bonuses!

Types of Casino Bonuses

There are several types of casino bonuses, but they are mainly divided into two major groups. Those for new players and those for existing players.

For New Players

Every online casino (new or old) wants to attract new players. Maybe it’s because of the high volume of competitors on the Internet or the unique promotions of the leading online casinos in the industry. Online casino bonuses for new players will always be necessary. This is good news for you and for all casino players since they have access to many promotions from every online casino.

Deposit bonuses

Typically, online casinos offer up to 200% or sometimes more, of your initial deposit as free bonus. Though most have limits of up to £200 or £500, this is still an amazing first bonus that may double or even triple your first deposit. Make the most out of this since you can only claim it once! However, keep in mind that there are still other types of casino deposit bonuses that you can claim repeatedly, like a reload bonus.

No deposit bonuses

You don’t even have to deposit any real money to claim this free bonus. Play your first games and receive winnings with absolutely no money down at all!

Cash back bonuses

This type of bonus refunds a certain amount if you lose your first few games. Similar to a deposit bonus, though a deposit bonus is way better, this has terms and conditions too.

Payment method bonuses

Though uncommon, some online casinos offer bonuses when you deposit using their preferred casino payment method. This is something that you shouldn’t ignore and if you can pay using that payment method, choose it.

For Existing Players

These are online casino bonuses that are meant for existing players. The goal here is to keep existing players and convert them to loyal players. This is very rewarding, especially if you make regular deposits to your account. Make sure to make the most out of these bonuses.

VIP loyalty programs

These are programs designed to reward players that play and deposit money regularly. Often, these bonuses are large and will improve your gaming experience.

Free spins and free bets

Most online casinos offer these to their existing players. Who wouldn’t want to win free bets and spins? All you have to do is fulfil the requirements, and you’ll receive the free spins or free bets instantly!

Referral programs

Refer your friends, ask them to deposit real money, and win several bonuses through referral programs. These are pretty common and very rewarding too! Don’t miss out on these.

Reload bonuses

Some online UK casinos offer bonuses when existing players deposit funds to their accounts for a second or third time. This is a great way to earn bonuses as you play.

All these are offered in combinations on every online casino. Of course, there are different terms and conditions for each promotion, and this is where all the small details matter.

Standard Bonus Rules

All of the best casino bonuses have rules or Terms and Conditions. It’s a good habit always to read and understand the Terms and Conditions document of the casino bonus before playing.

Below are the standard bonus rules in the online casino industry.

Wagering requirements

These are a set of requirements you must achieve in order to withdraw your winnings. A very common rule that would often tell if a casino bonus is worth claiming or not. This is what you should look for in the terms and conditions.


Some online casino bonuses restrict which games you can play on with your bonus. Others may even restrict certain payment methods when under a casino bonus. Make sure to read all the restrictions for you to make the most out of your online casino bonus.

When is a Bonus Worth Claiming?

Most people realise the importance of reading the Terms and Conditions of every bonus. This can ensure that you are clued up when making your decision whether or not to claim your bonus. Is it worth it or not?

Wagering requirements

Wagering requirements that are almost impossible to achieve are more of an expense than an asset. Avoid these at all costs since you may not even be able to withdraw your winnings – or you’ll have to deposit more money before even touching your winnings.

Bonus amount

Different real money online casinos offer different bonus amounts; this is what attracts most players. A bonus amount too small isn’t exactly that good and a bonus amount that’s too big may have some tricky conditions attached. Always check the Terms and Conditions.

Withdrawal methods

There may be a bonus that looks perfect from every angle. But the only problem is that the withdrawal methods available aren’t allowed in your country or area. Make sure to review these before depositing any real money!

Qualifying players

There are some online casino bonuses that are location-based. Entering this online casino may be possible to most people, but the best bonuses may only be claimed by residents of certain countries. Most of the time this is stated but in the small print.

Legality and certification

It’s also important that the online casino you’re signing up for is 100% legal, certified, and regulated by the proper authorities in your area.

The best casino bonus for you is out there! Don’t stop looking and, when needed, look to HitYah for more tips and guides about online casinos. We feature reviews of the best casinos and offer our readers the most suitable choices for them. Playing online casino games has never been this rewarding.