Bingo Bonus

With so many existing and new bingo sites available, the industry is very competitive, and this is great news because it is a players’ market out there! Bingo brands are always trying to tempt people in with welcome offers often in the form of bingo bonus funds. A bingo bonus is a free amount you receive when you sign in to a specific online bingo site, or when you make a deposit, and they vary a lot from site to site!

Online bingo bonus offers come in three main forms, the bingo deposit bonus, the no deposit bonus, and the reload bonus bingo. We’re going to look at each type, what they offer and what you need to look out for to get the best value for money. They’re not restricted to online either, mobile bingo bonuses can be just as generous. As the two forms merge and become more integrated, you can get as much value from your mobile as online.

Bingo Sites With the Best Bingo Bonuses

With brand new bingo sites launching every year, players now have a more difficult time choosing which one to create an account with. Here at HitYah, we have a team of expert bingo analysts who specialise in finding new bingo sites that feature the best bonuses. You can view our reliable bingo site reviews and compare the bonuses to see which one works for you.

No-Deposit Bonuses

No deposit bingo bonuses, as the name suggests refer to bonuses that are available without making any deposit. The free bingo bonus is completely free; you don’t have to spend a single penny to get it. Be aware they’re not always as generous as they look!

The first thing to check before getting too excited about getting a bonus with no deposit is whether winnings from it are available to you. This can vary from site to site, and if you cannot withdraw your winnings, then the bonus is little more than play money.

At the sites where you can withdraw your winnings, there will almost certainly be wagering requirements attached to the bonus. These vary, but at reputable bingo sites can be as low as 2 or 4 x your bonus. Do check because it can also be a considerable amount higher, and play through requirements of 20 x your bonus is not unheard of!

No deposit bonuses can also sometimes come with restrictions, so you’ll be allowed to play your online bingo bonus on games, but not all games. Often players who haven’t made a deposit will only be allowed to enter a limited number of rooms. Jackpot games may be restricted, along with winning progressive jackpots. Another common restriction with this and all types of bonus is that sometimes slots and side games are limited. They may come with much higher wagering requirements making them an impossible choice.

All that aside, the free bingo bonus remains the best and most efficient way to ensure you can get a clear idea of the site and software. You can try everything out before committing the cash, and that’s why they are so popular. While in the early days of the bingo industry almost every site offered a no deposit bonus, they are getting harder to come by. Even the ones that are around are often limited-time offers.

Deposit Bonus

The other form of online bingo bonus is the deposit bonus, and we can’t think of a site that doesn’t offer some kind of deposit bonus. Every operator, including Jumpman bingo sites, offer this promotion.  These bonuses are often advertised in percentages. The base amount the industry seems to have decided on is 100%, although we see up to 500% available at times. Again these do greatly vary from site to site. To put that into real terms, if you were to sign up and deposit £10 at a site with a 100% bonus, you would receive another £10 free. That’s £20 to play with.

Just like no-deposit bonuses, these come in many variations, and with different rules and requirements. Many sites offer you your bonus immediately upon deposit. With others, you’ll need to play your deposit through before you can receive it. Restrictions are usually dropped once you have made a deposit; you should be able to access all the rooms with your deposit and bonus funds. 

This leads us onto our next point. Not only can bonuses vary between 100% and 500%, but they can sometimes be split too. A site could offer you a 300% bonus that is a 200% bingo bonus and a 100% games bonus. The games bonus may only be played on specific games that have been marked out as bingo bonus slots. Split bonuses are fantastic as they allow you to try all the aspects of a site with your free bingo bonus and get a full view of the site before you commit.

Just like the no-deposit bonus, deposit bonuses are almost always subject to wagering requirements. At most reputable sites, it will be a fair 2 or 4 x your bonus. Watch out for big bonuses with high wagering requirements because these can become impossible! If a site offers a 200% bonus with 2 x play through requirements, then you will have £30 to play with from a £10 deposit. You will, however, have to play £60 through on tickets before you can withdraw any winnings. While that seems reasonable, you can see what could happen when a high online bingo bonus is offered with high wagering requirements. It makes your bingo balance virtually worthless. Unless you have an outstanding win, you’re unlikely to be able to meet the wagering requirements.

Reload Bonus

It’s great to have an offer to welcome you in. Once you’re playing regularly on a site, you’re likely to still appreciate a few bingo bonus extras along the way. Here you want to look for a site that offers reload bonuses. Some sites offer reloads on every single deposit, others on deposits over a certain amount. Some don’t offer reloads as standard at all, but rather as one-off bonuses on special days.

The reload bonus can vary. Some sites regularly offer 50%, on others, you can grab infrequent 100% bonuses. At others, the bonus is tied to your wagering and loyalty on site. This information is usually available on the promotions page of any site and allows you to choose the best bingo bonus before you play.

Just like standard bonuses, reloads are usually tied into wagering requirements. As always, it’s worth checking what they are before you start. If the wagering requirements are high, the terms can stop you being able to withdraw a win. You may find that you are tied into having to play your bonus through a certain number of times before you can withdraw any funds. Note that wagering requirements can vary greatly from Non-UK sites compared to UK licensed sites.

Bonus Overview

So what is the best bingo bonus? Well, that’s a difficult question to answer as they vary so greatly from site to site. You’re looking for a site with a reasonable bonus and fair wagering requirements. If you do get lucky along the way, you’ll be able to withdraw your bingo winnings. Reloads are also important to regular players. Big welcome bonuses might be tempting but ongoing bonuses can mean more play for your money as you play loyally with any bingo brand.

One-off bonuses are also worth looking out for, and many sites host these as part of the promotional schedule. Cashback, bonuses, reloads, and free cash bumps along the way are always welcome. Look out for free scratchcards, spin the wheel bonuses and regular reloads. These are where the value is when it comes to getting more for your money long term.

A reputable site will display its terms and conditions on the bonus page, so you don’t have to hunt around. You’ll usually find that the more visible the bingo bonus, the fairer it is likely to be. The harder it is to find the bonus terms, the less favourable you’re likely to find them. As always as in life, if something seems too good to be true, then it probably is!

The bingo bonus plays an important part in the industry and can offer us great value for money. As with everything free, it’s always worth double checking and reading the terms. Ensuring we know exactly what we are signing up for means there’ll be no nasty surprises.

We’re not here to put you off the bingo free bonus; we love them and at most online bingo brands you’ll find the bonus fair and the terms reasonable! We all love to win and call that full house, but often a simple bonus can boost your bingo balance as much as a small win would. This can help you secure more wins and buy more ticket, getting better value for money.