Privacy Policy

When you use the services, your personal information may be directly or indirectly collected. This privacy policy governs the terms of the collection of your information while using the services.

All users of the services hereby completely authorise the services to collect their information, including all information that has been expressly provided in any manner, and also those which the services or the company can gather as an incident of, or in connection with the use of the services, including information which the services or the company can gather from the Internet, mailing lists, advertisers, lead generation activities and agencies, social networking sites, and search engines.

You also hereby authorise the services to install cookies on your computer, and to collect information gathered from these cookies. The functions of the services can be better delivered if cookies are installed on your device.

You further authorise the services and the company to collect your data and analytics in connection to, or arising from your use of the services, and also any information pertaining to your behavioural and navigation patterns on the site, which may include but are not limited to the particular browser that you use, the landing pages visited, your ip address, duration on particular pages, and all other similar information.

You agree that before you give any information which does not belong to you, you will first obtain authorisation from the third party who owns the information which you intend to disclose, and to present this privacy policy to the said person so that you can obtain their consent in writing that they actually agrees with the same.

You acknowledge that the services or the company may use your collected information for multiple primary or secondary purposes, including sending and offering to you personal advertisements, content, offers, services, designs, or for any other purposes.

You also agree that the services or the company may disseminate aspects of your information which may relate to particular marketing demographics, personal identifiers, and those which have a relation with, but are not limited to your gender, nationality, age, interests, occupation, educational degree, level of income, or any other information to its partners, affiliates, contractors, or law enforcement officers.

The services may keep your information for up to 2 years counted from your last actual use of the services. Upon the lapse of your period, you may file a written request for the removal of your information from the services if they are still existing, unless the said information is required by the government to be kept for a longer period of time.

For the absolute protection of the services and the company against any claims of intellectual property infringement, you hereby grant the services and the company a free, irrevocable, non-exclusive, and universal license to use any intellectual property rights and content which you may have to any of the information or content which you may have provided, regardless of its format.

You also warrant and guarantee that any information you provide to the company is authentic and is yours upon submission, and that if you violate this undertaking, you may be subject to legal actions and damages. You warrant that any submitted information to the services does not constitute anything illegal, obscene, or defamatory.

You hereby agree that in no case shall the services or the company be liable to you in connection with, or arising from, this privacy policy or the use or collection of your personal information. You likewise agree to absolutely indemnify the services or the company for any liability it may suffer arising, indirectly or directly, from the information which you may have provided.