UK casinos with live casino bonus deals in 2024

Do you love live casino games? Then it’s time you got rewarded for playing them! Since the invention of casino games that use real-life dealers, the UK has gone crazy for live gambling. And now you can pick up bonuses especially for live gaming casinos.

Today, we’re going to take you through the different bonuses you can get your hands on, just for playing live games. As well as where to find them and what to look for in a great live gaming site.

So, let’s jump straight in!

List of the best live casinos in the UK

Here we’ve listed our experts’ top picks for casinos with live games in the UK. So that you can get the very best selection of live games with real dealers. Plus, every site we list offers the most amazing live casino bonus deals, for you to boost your bankroll and snatch those all-important wins.

So, whether you’re a blackjack player, or love a spin of the roulette wheel, you can rely on us to bring you the leading sites with the most state-of-the-art live games on the market. So, check out our lists of trusted and reviewed sites, to find your next great live experience.

Things to consider when choosing a live casino bonus

While live games are still considered new and exciting, the fact is, they’ve been around for a good few years now. And that means most UK casinos offer a catalogue of live titles for you to choose from. As well as an array of different bonuses to use at these live sites.

But, what should you be looking for in a great casino bonus for live games? Luckily, our experts are here to share their tips with you. And show you exactly what they look for in a fantastic casino bonus. So that you know how to pick the best one for you.

So, let’s see what they have to say.

Wagering requirements

One of the first things our experts look at (and you should too!) is the T&Cs attached to any casino bonus. These terms are essential to understanding your bonus and how to use it properly. And, of these, one of the most important is the wagering requirements.

‘Wagering requirements’ refers to the amount of times you have to play through any bonus cash in order to convert it into winnings that can be withdrawn. And they are marked with a number and a small ‘x’ in the T&Cs. But, don’t worry if that sounds confusing. Let’s look at example, so you can see what we mean:

You pick up a match deposit bonus of 100% to use on your favourite live games. And you deposit £50. Now, the casino will match your deposit amount with an additional £50. So now you have £100 in your bankroll.

However, that extra £50 is considered ‘bonus cash’. And it can’t be used in the same way as your own money which you deposited. So, you look at the T&Cs and see ‘x25’ written by your bonus. This is your wagering requirement. And it means that you must play that £50 bonus cash twenty-five times over, before you’ll be allowed to cash out any winnings that you got by using it.

That’s why it’s imperative to know if there are any wagering requirements attached to your bonus (and there usually are). Because, it’s all well and good having thousands of pounds sitting in your balance, but if you can’t take it out then it’s not much real use to you!

Therefore, our experts recommend looking at the wagering requirements first, before signing up for any bonus.

Game weighting terms

Game weighting is pretty much married to wagering requirements. And it refers to the percentage of each game that counts towards your wagering requirements.

So, let’s take that £50 bonus cash from the above example. You already know you have to play twenty-five times over in order to fulfil the wagering. But that’s assuming every game you play counts 100% towards them. But they don’t!

If a game only has 50% game weighting, then you have to play double the amount of games in order to complete those wagering requirements. Effectively meaning that you would have to play that £50 fifty times before you can take out any physical winnings.

Therefore, when you look at a bonus offer, first check out the wagering requirements. And then consider which games you love to play. Now, look at the game weighting for those games and calculate how many times you’ll have to play those games to fulfil your wagering requirements.

Cashout terms

After a great session of live games at your favourite online casino, there’s no better feeling than going to the cashier’s page and cashing out your winnings. But wait! There are also ‘cashout’ terms waiting for you, which will affect how much you can withdraw. If you’ve won money via a bonus, then you may face some restrictions.

Firstly, you probably can’t withdraw anything that’s still sitting in your bonus balance. That’s the type of money we’ve already talked about. And you will have to wager that as many times as is stated in the T&Cs before you can turn it over to your real money balance.

Secondly, if you do have cash waiting in your real money balance, it’s possible that you might only be able to withdraw some of it at a time. Therefore, by looking at the T&Cs before you take on a casino bonus, you can see any cashout terms that may apply.

Finally, just like the other T&Cs we’ve covered, it’s important that you know what cashout conditions might affect your ability to take out any of your hard-earned winnings.

What types of live casino bonuses are there?

Now that we’ve got all that small print out of the way, it’s time to look at the fun stuff: live online casino bonuses! Don’t forget that casinos all over the UK work hard to bring in new customers to their sites. And that’s great news for you, the customer.

Not only can you pick up some insanely good offers as a new customer. But there are also lots of bonuses and promos given out as rewards for loyal returning players too.

So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most popular bonuses for love casinos around.

Live casino welcome bonus

First we have the most common, and most generous, offer on the market; the welcome bonus. These deals can be incredibly lucrative. And often combine one or more separate bonuses, which you can use for live games. As well as anything else that takes your fancy.

A great casino live bonus may consist of one or more of the following:

  • No deposit bonus: get extra cash to play live games with, without having to make a deposit with the site
  • Match deposit bonus: snatch tons of extra cash, when the casino matches your deposit amount. The average is 100% or 200%
  • Free spins: use these bonus spins to play fun slot machine games, between rounds of your favourite live games

No deposit bonus offers

While no deposit offers are by far the most popular around, the deposit online live casino UK bonus will land you with a lot more cash to play with. No deposit offers are meant to entice you in, to try out a new site and its games, but they’re relatively low in value. However, deposit bonuses can boost your bankroll hugely. And a lot of sites offer ‘match deposit’ deals, where the casino will match the amount you deposit. So, the more you pay in, the more you get in bonus cash. However, because these offers are so generous, you won’t get them for free. So, expect to put down some deposit money first, before you can unlock this offer.

But don’t worry! You don’t have to deposit a fortune to get this deal. As little as £10 or £20 can be enough to trigger a great deposit deal. But keep in mind, with a match deposit deal, you’re better off paying in more than less.

Reload bonus

Another type of casino deposit bonus is the ‘reload’ bonus. And this is exactly what you’d expect. You get another bonus for making an additional deposit with the same site, i.e. reloading.

These are a casino’s way to reward returning customers. So it’s not just new players who get bonuses. Reload offers often come in the form of match deposit bonuses. But you may also get free spins, which you can use on fun slots.

High roller bonuses

Finally, if you like playing with the big boys, then you should consider going for a high roller bonus deal. These aren’t open to everyone though. And there will definitely be some rules as to who can get their hands on this deal.

Generally speaking, you’ll have to have made a very large first deposit with a site. Alternatively, some casinos might require you to make more than one deposit above a certain amount, before you can get hold of this deal.

However, what’s common across most sites is that the deal you get will include a match deposit bonus. As well as automatic access to the site’s VIP or loyalty program.

These programs can be very beneficial in their own right. From extra bonuses and promos, to your own account manager and entry onto exclusive live tables, the VIP treatments at these casinos can be extremely luxurious.

Which live casino should you go for?

So, we’ve looked at the different types of live bonus offers you can find. But which site should you choose? Aside from what kind of bonuses you can get, there’s a lot more to think about when choosing your next casino site.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the most important elements to consider.

Does it offer a welcome bonus to new players?

Obviously, as a new player, you want a big juicy bonus when you register with a new site. As we’ve seen, welcome offers can be very generous and tempting. So don’t miss out on this incredible chance to snatch some bonus cash.

At a great site, you should have a great selection of bonuses. Or, better yet, a welcome package that combines more than one offer. Remember, you can get no deposit bonuses, free spins and match deposit bonuses. And which one is best for you will depend on your own personal taste.

But, having the choice is what makes a casino bonus great. And the best sites around will have a variety of deals for you to choose from.

Does the casino have any reload bonuses?

Once you’ve signed up to a site and used your welcome bonuses, what next? Well, with a great reload bonus, you can continue getting great perks and benefits as a regular customer. Most casinos will offer this deal as a way to get you to deposit with them again. And most of the time, they will be a match deposit live bonus.

Also, one of the best things about reload bonuses is that they come around often. In fact, it’s not uncommon for casinos to offer reloads a couple of times a week. So, it’s not just new customers that can take advantage of a casino’s generosity. As a loyal returning customer, you too can have your fair share of bonus offers.

What’s the live game selection like?

Ok, so bonuses are great, and you should have the best ones at your disposal. But a site isn’t worth a second look unless it has an incredible selection of casino live games for you to play.

On top of classic games, like blackjack, roulette, baccarat and craps, there are also game show titles and hybrid games. As well as tons of different versions of the classics.

So, before you sign up to a new site, make sure they’re offering you an unparalleled selection of the top live games on the UK market.

What are the dealers like?

Finally, the cherry on the cake when it comes to finding the best casino with live games is the dealers. Live sites are so much fun because you get to play with real-life dealers. But those people need to be good at their job, to ensure you get the best experience.

That’s why the top casinos in the UK have dedicated, trained and professional dealers and croupiers. And these staff members have been fully trained in both the game that they’re dealing, as well as customer care. By enabling the chat function during a live game, you can speak with your dealer directly. So you want a polite, helpful and courteous person at the other end. Who will help you have the best live session possible.

Advantages of live bonuses

So, we already know that the best casino sites UK have the best bonuses. But what exactly are the advantages for snatching up one of these offers? Here are just a few of the pros:

More money to play live casino games with

It almost goes without saying but, with an awesome bonus deal, you’ll end up with tons more money to play with. While this isn’t exactly true of no deposit deals, where typically you’ll only pick up between £10 and £20, you could be in for bundles of cash with the right deposit bonus.

No deposit offers are a great way to try out a new site and its games. But don’t expect to get rich from these. You’ll probably only pick up around £20 in bonus cash, without making a deposit. However, if you’re happy to pay into the site, then a match deposit bonus is your ticket to loads of money to play with.

Better chances to win

With more cash to play with, comes more chances to win. Also, with bonus money, you’re more likely to try out games that maybe you haven’t played before. And you might discover a big money-maker that you didn’t know existed!

Plus, when you play with bonus cash, you win bonus cash. Which in turn lets you play even more games. So, it makes sense that, the more you splash the cash, the more opportunities you have to win more and convert that into real winnings that you can withdraw.

Good way to try out new exciting games

As we’ve said, with a good live online casino deal, you can try out new sites and their live games. Whatever bonus you have, you can use it to discover new and exciting titles that perhaps you’ve never considered before.

For example, with a no deposit bonus, you can try live games for free. With absolutely no financial risk whatsoever. Or, with a deposit bonus, you’ll have extra cash to use on a variety of different titles. So you’ll have more freedom to experiment.

Disadvantages of live bonuses

Now we come to the possible downsides of casino bonuses for live games.

Strict terms and conditions

As with any bonus, there are always T&Cs attached. And these terms can make it difficult to convert your bonus cash into real-money winnings. Things like wagering requirements, game weighting and time limits will all stand in your way. And it’s your job to get through them all and out to the other side!

But, if you know what’s being asked of you before you sign up, then you should have no problem calculating exactly how to turn your bonus cash into real money.

You can’t cash out winnings immediately

Due to the nature of these bonuses, and the strict T&Cs that go with them, sometimes it can feel like it’s taking forever to get your winnings. It takes a lot to convert bonus money into real winnings that you can withdraw. And the process can be long.

However, if you have adhered to all the T&Cs, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t get your hands on some real money, as per the casino’s processing times.

Classic live casino games

Now that we’ve covered bonuses, and how they can help you try new games and multiply your chances of winning, it’s time to take a closer look at exactly what titles can play with live dealer casinos.

Live dealer Blackjack

Blackjack is probably the best-known casino game in the world. Super easy to get the hang of, your job is to try and make a score of 21 and beat the dealer’s hand. You start with two cards, and you can choose to take another or stick with what you have. But remember, if you go over 21 then you lose. And if the dealer is closer to 21 than you, then they win.

Usually, at an online casino you’d be playing against a computer program. But with live blackjack, you’re going head to head with a real-life dealer. So you can look your enemy in the eyes while you try to defeat him or her!

The best thing about the live version of this game is how close it feels to being in a land-based casino. And you can speak to your dealer directly. As well as see them turn over physical cards. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Live dealer Roulette

Another hugely popular table game, roulette has been a favourite with casino lovers for, quite literally, centuries. The stunning wheel with the red and black slots, and the agonising wait for the shiny little ball to land, makes roulette an absolute thrill-ride of a game. Plus, with multiple ways to bet, you can choose to play it safe in this game. Or to go all out and risk everything for a big win.

Nowadays, with live roulette, you can actually watch a real croupier throw the ball into a physical wheel. Which makes the experience more exciting. Plus, enable the chat feature to speak with your croupier and place your bets. Finally, with so many variations to play, live version roulette offers you multiple ways to bet and win.

Live dealer Baccarat

Famous for its beautiful table and odd wooden paddles, a lot of people believe that baccarat is a complicated game. But, in fact, the task at hand is rather simple. You must reach a score of 9, or as close to that as possible. See? Simple!

But, where baccarat gets interesting is that you’re also trying to beat the dealer. So, in a sense, baccarat follows the same principles as blackjack. But there are lots of different ways to reach your score, and more ways to bet. So it’s true that baccarat is a little more complex.

And now, with the live version of baccarat, you can face off against the dealer across the stunning table. It’s just a shame that you still aren’t allowed to use those fancy paddles!

Other live casino games

While blackjack, roulette and baccarat are the most famous table games at any real-time casino, they are by no means the only ones you can play. With its popularity forever increasing, live operators are constantly bringing out new titles for you to try.

So, with that in mind, here’s a selection of some of our favourites:

Monopoly Live

That’s right! The family board game has been given the live makeover. And now, instead of arguing with family members at Christmas, you can actually play, enjoy and win on Monopoly with this fun twist on the original game.

In the casino Monopoly game, instead of a board you have a wheel. And with the live event, playing this game seems more like a game show than a board game! It’s a super fun way to win big prizes and get nostalgic about one of your favourite childhood games. Just without throwing all the hotels in the air and storming off in a strop!

Crazy Time Casino

Another game based on a fun spinning wheel, Crazy Time Casino is the brainchild of games giant, Evolution Gaming. As the name suggests, this title is wacky, unique and adrenaline-fuelled. And the game comes across as a sort of cross between Wheel of Fortune and a slot machine. Spin the wheel and bet on numbers 1, 2, 5 or 10. Doesn’t sound out of the ordinary just yet, right? But where things get really wild is in the bonus rounds. Win bets and start adding multipliers, to walk away with a glorious and generous prize! We love this crazy, innovative title, and we think you will too.

Dream Catcher

Finally, we have Dream Catcher. In this fun and eccentric game, the rules are about as simple as you can get. But the prizes are incredible. Out of the three money-wheel games we’ve seen, this one is the easiest to get the hang of. Plus, it has a great 80s vibe about it. Think lots of bright colours and neon lights!

Spin the wheel and predict the outcome. Plus, add in some multipliers and an awesome retro-styled host, and you’ve got a truly immersive game show experience.

Why choose live casino games over traditional casino games?

So, we’ve seen that there are lots of classic table games, and other modern-day offerings, at a real-time casino. But why should you choose to play them instead of the usual online games? After all, online casinos have an incredible selection of thousands of different titles. So what makes a casino that’s live better?

Let’s have a look at what we believe are the top 3 reasons you should choose to play at a casino with live games:

It’s as close to real life casino gaming you can get

Online casinos work hard to bring their players the very best gambling experience. From a huge selection of games, to welcome bonuses and other giveaways, online operators make playing casino games online fun and entertaining.

However, you simply can’t get the same experience as being in a land-based casino from your PC, laptop or phone. And, while that’s absolutely fine with a lot of people, some customers love the feeling of being in a brick-and-mortar establishment. And that’s what live sites do so well; they bridge the gap between playing games online and playing games in a real casino.

With real cards, tables, wheels and chips, the live versions are so good at some of these sites, you feel like you could reach out and stroke the green velvet of the table in front of you. Plus, with real-life dealers bringing the whole experience to life, it’s no wonder people love live sites and their fabulous games.

You can interact with other people

As well as feeling like you’re on the casino floor, live game casinos let you speak and interact with other people. And this, again, makes the whole experience feel more authentic. If you’re so inclined, enable the chat function and speak to dealers, croupiers and other players too. Or, if you don’t fancy chatting, then you don’t have to. It’s up to you. And having the choice is what makes live games so special.

One day you might be in the mood to speak to a fellow player. And the next day you just want to focus on the game at hand. Either way, you can choose how much or how little social interaction you want to have.

It’s not as fast paced

Casino games are usually fast-paced and exhilarating. But, sometimes, they can be a bit too speedy! If you’re playing against a computer program, the reactions are instant. So, if you’re playing something like blackjack, you barely have time to think before the ‘dealer’ has made its move.

However, given that live games are dealt and played by real people, using real equipment, the overall pace is a lot more natural and organic. That means you can take your time and calculate your next move calmly.

RTP (Return to Player) for live games

When you play any online casino game, you’ll see the RTP written next to it. And a high RTP lets you know that, if you play a game for long enough, you’ll probably at least break more or less even. Although RTP isn’t an exact science, a lot of players look for a high percentage before playing a game. And a lot of people will steer clear of a title that has a low RTP. 

So, what exactly is RTP? And which games have the highest percentages? Let’s find out.

What is RTP?

RTP (return to player) is the estimated percentage of your original stake that a casino and/or game maker predicts you’ll get back if you play one game for a long period of time. You can see the RTP of any game you play at an online casino; simply look for the letters ‘RTP’ and a percentage next to them.

For example, if you see an RTP of 99% and you put down £100 as a deposit, by the end of a long session you should see £99 out of that hundred back. Obviously, we hope you win far more than that. But RTP gives you some assurance that you’ll see the majority of your stake back, even if you don’t have a particularly lucky session.

Which games have the highest RTP?

Naturally, RTP varies across different games. For example, slot games’ RTP can be anywhere from 88% to over 99%. Whereas games like roulette will vary, depending on which version of the game you play. European roulette, for instance, has a great RTP of 98.65%, on average. Whereas American roulette, with its green 00 shifting the odds in the house’s favour, has a lower RTP of around 94.7%. So the return can differ greatly, even within the same game.

The good news is that most live table games have excellent RTPs. Let’s take blackjack, for example. Some titles, like Playtech’s Unlimited Blackjack, has an RTP of a whopping 99.54%. And Evolution Gaming’s Infinite Blackjack follows close behind with 99.51%. So you should see back almost all of your original stake by playing these titles.

Another great RTP game is roulette live. Even with the RTP varying between versions, you’re still usually looking at an RTP over 97% (with the exception of American roulette), which is still pretty good, in our opinion.

Finally, lighting baccarat comes in with a very decent 98.76%. So, as you can see, most live game titles have a very good return to player percentage.

We’ve seen the games. Now let’s look at who makes them! The UK’s top casino sites get all their live games from a variety of incredible software providers. And each of these companies brings its own style and flare to the table (literally!).

So, who are these game companies? And what makes them so great? Let’s take a closer look.

Evolution Gaming

Founded in 2006, Evolution Gaming is considered one of the newer game providers on the market. That being said, they rose to success extremely quickly, and now enjoy the same solid reputation as other brands which have been around far longer.

Specialising in live titles, Evolution Gaming are responsible for some of the most popular live games in the UK. Such as Infinite Blackjack, multiple versions of roulette and tons of game show-inspired live experiences. Not only that, but they also offer the wildly successful Super Sic Bo, Dragon Tiger and loads of poker games.

Pragmatic Play

Another relatively new company, Pragmatic Play opened its doors in 2015 and promptly took the online gaming world by storm. With over 100 slot titles in their arsenal alone, Pragmatic Play hit the ground running. And are now one of the leaders in live gaming titles, and have won multiple awards in their short 6 years of business.

Among the most popular live titles by Pragmatic Play are Mega Roulette, ONE Blackjack and the innovative money-wheel game, Mega Wheel.


This absolute giant of industry has been around since 1999. Meaning they boast one of the most impressive catalogues of games on the market, with hundreds of slots, table games and, more recently, real-time casino games.

Using cutting-edge technology, Playtech has some of the greatest live titles around. And with over 500 dealers speaking multiple languages, they’ve certainly made their claim for the best supplier of live games in the world. They’re also the proud inventors of the incredibly high RTP game, Unlimited Blackjack.


Another household name, Microgaming are world-renowned for supplying online casinos with some of their most popular titles. Established in 1994, Microgaming have a wealth of industry experience. And they’ve used these expertise to make their mark on the live gaming market.

Along with classic table games like blackjack, roulette and baccarat, Microgaming also have their own series called ‘Real’, where each game comes with a specific dealer that you know by name. Meaning you can actually search for your favourite dealer, as well as your favourite game!

Extreme Live Gaming

Once one of the biggest and most innovative iGaming providers in the world, Extreme Live Gaming was acquired by software moguls Pragmatic Play in 2018.

Since then, they’ve continued bringing out state-of-the-art live games, under the umbrella of Pragmatic Play. And they’re responsible for some of the sleekest blackjack, baccarat, Sic Bo, Hi Lo, roulette and Dragon Tiger games in the industry. 

Live casino deposit methods

What sets a great casino apart from its competitors? Well, we think a great selection of payment and withdrawal options is a major factor.

Paying in and taking out money from a casino should be quick, easy and safe. That’s why we’ve listed below some of our favourite payment methods. And all the casinos we work with offer their customers a 5-star service. So you can expect to see these, and others, available at our trusted and reviewed live sites.

VISA/Mastercard and other debit cards

Both household names, VISA and Mastercard let you pay in and withdraw at your favourite casinos using your debit card. Quick, efficient and free, using your debit card is one of the most popular payment methods. Plus, transactions are usually pretty instant.


The popularity of eWallets has been on the rise for some time now. And they’re a firm favourite with casino lovers. Open an account for free, and opt for a preloaded Mastercard with which to make your payments.

These cards are extra secure and a great way to monitor your spending. Just be aware that there are some charges associated with using eWallets and preloaded cards. 

Bank transfers

If you don’t have a debit card, and you don’t want the fuss of opening an eWallet account, then the old-school bank transfer is still a great way to deposit at online casinos. Free and secure, you won’t need to give out card details or search for email addresses and/or passwords.

Just remember that this is the slowest of the payment methods. And you will probably have to wait at least a couple of working days for your money to process.

Pay by phone

There are lots of different pay-by-phone methods around. And customers love them because they’re fast and secure. Services like Boku let you pay using your mobile phone number. So you never have to give out your card details again. And other platforms let you pay using your phone’s credit or end-of-month bill.

However, most of these options will have some small fees and/or daily deposit and withdrawal limits attached. So make sure you read and understand those first, before using these methods.

How to maximise your casino bonus

So, we’ve told you where to find the best bonuses. And what T&Cs to look out for before signing up. Now let’s take a look at how you can maximise your bonus deals and get the most out of them.

Keep an eye for new offers at

Here at, our experts are constantly updating our lists of trusted and reviewed casino sites with live games. So, if you want the latest deals, welcome bonuses and promos, then always check in with us. We’ll keep you in the loop on who has the best bonuses. As well as any upcoming promos where you can pick up extra bonus offers as well.

Don’t just stay at one casino – take every offer you can get

Why play at one casino, when you play at them all? By choosing a site with us, you’re getting access to the best sites on the market. And each one will offer you a great welcome package, where you can get extra cash to play live games with. Also, each site has its own catalogue of incredible live titles. So, by joining more than one casino, you can play a huge variety of all the top live games in the UK. And get your hands on tons of bonus deals.

Look for offers with low wagering requirements

Another way to really get the most out of your bonuses is to look for offers that have low wagering requirements. As we’ve seen, heavy wagering can mean playing games for a long time, in order to convert your bonus cash to real-money winnings.

So, by selecting bonuses that have low wagering requirements, you have a better chance of cashing out some real money sooner rather than later!

Avoid offers with low maximum cashout limits

Finally, cashout limits can equal a disappointing payout after a long session of gaming. So, we recommend looking for deals with higher cashout limits. So that you can get 100% of your winnings without any fuss.

Check with us for the best deals around, including those without low cashout limits.

Mobile live casinos with bonuses

All of the best online casinos now offer their customers live gaming direct from their mobile. And some sites even offer an online casino bonus just for using your smartphone or tablet to play.

App based casinos

Downloading a dedicated casino app means lightning-fast connection to your favourite sites and their games. Also, some sites offer bonuses for mobile players, as an incentive for you to download their app. So you can be rewarded for playing live games on your phone!

Plus, all the sites we list have a great selection of mobile-optimised live titles. So that you can get in on the action from the palm of your hand.

Browser based casinos

Another great way to play live games from your phone is to simply use your mobile’s internet browser to access your favourite casino. While not quite as fast as an app, browser-based sites don’t take up any internal storage on your phone. And you can still get bonuses for using a mobile-optimised site.


Still have questions about casinos with live games? Check out some of our FAQs:

What’s the best live casino site?

There isn’t just one! Every great casino in the UK offers live games. So, to find your next live experience, check our lists of trusted and reviewed casinos. Each site we list has an extensive catalogue of live titles. As well as great welcome bonuses for you to use on your favourites.

Is it safe to play live games?

Absolutely! Live games are just as safe as computer-based titles. And each game provider supplies their own trained and professional dealers and croupiers. So that you have the best experience possible. Also, live games use the most cutting-edge equipment and tech. Meaning you can enjoy all the fun of a land-based casino from the comfort of your home.

Are live casino games hosted in the UK?

A lot of them, yes. Live games providers use trained staff in multiple locations around the world, including the UK. All their staff are fully trained and speak multiple languages. So, even if the game you’re playing isn’t hosted in the UK, you can guarantee your dealer will speak perfect English.

Can I use all bonuses on live dealer games?

Not all of them, no. While you can use most bonuses, like match deposit bonuses and no deposit bonuses for live games, things like free spins can only be used on slot games. Therefore, some bonuses are naturally exempt from live games.

Can I try live casino games in demo mode?

Usually, no. Live games use real dealers and take a lot of money to run. Therefore, most of the time you can’t ‘try before you buy’. That being said, you can pick up a great no deposit bonus and use the live casino bonus cash from that to try out live games. So there’s still a way to access live titles for free.

What’s the minimum bet at live casinos?

That depends on which site you’re on! But, as a rule-of-thumb, live games tend to have a slightly higher minimum bet than computer-based titles. So you can expect to pay in a little more to join a live table. That said, you can easily check the minimum bet on any game by looking at it on the casino’s website.

Yes! Live gambling is perfectly legal in the UK. In fact, all gambling sites in the country are licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC). So, not only is it legal to gamble in the UK, but you can also be sure that any site that carries the UKGC logo is safe and secure to play on.

Where can I find no deposit live bonuses?

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