Terms & Conditions

These are the terms and conditions and privacy policy (“Agreement”) governing your use of the website and Services (“Services”) of HITYAH.COM operated by HITYAH MEDIA LIMITED “Company”. By using the Services of the Company, you hereby agree to be automatically bound by this agreement.

This agreement lays down the policies and rules which you must follow when using the Services of the Company, when receiving or giving any information to the Services, when using any content of the Services or interacting with other members of the Services, or any other activity or matter in connection with your use of the Services.

The Company requires that you must first unconditionally agree with this agreement before using any of its Services. With this, you are highly encouraged to first read and understand this agreement for proper compliance.

If you disagree or are unable to comply with the agreement for any reason, you are immediately required to discontinue your use of the Services.

This agreement shall be the sole controlling document which shall govern your relationship with the Company. If there is an actual or apparent conflict between this agreement and any other text, content, or policies found on the Services of the Company, then this agreement shall prevail.

Website and Gambling Information

The Services aspires to be a hub for cutting edge and relevant articles concerning the online world of gambling, and also to help its users be exposed to this information and content.

Nevertheless, the Company’s Services provide information (particularly gambling information) only on an absolute “AS IS, WHERE IS” basis, which is not intended to be relied upon as expert, technical, or any form of advice which you can rely upon in any way for any purpose.

You are also hereby advised that any of the content, information, articles, interactions, or answers found on the Services, or any content or answers originating from moderators or other members, are also given on an “as is” basis. In no scenario shall the Company be liable for any provided content, answers, content, or responses.

No information on the site is intended as an encouragement or solicitation to gamble, bet, or adopt a particular gambling strategy. In all cases, you are advised to do your own fact-finding and independent verification of any content or information which can be found on the Services.

As such, in no case shall the Company, its Services, or any of its directors, agents, or employees be liable to you for any of the content or information which can be found on its Services. The Company disclaims any liability which may arise from any errors or omissions in connection with its Services.

The Company also does not guarantee or warrant the reputability of any of its users, authors, the sources of its articles, or that they will transact in good faith, or in compliance with this agreement.

Should you post any article, questions, or content on the site, you are advised that these shall be your sole responsibility, including any liability which may arise from them. You agree that the Company shall be free from any liability for any information or content which can be found on the Services, or any information or content which you post on the Services.

Who May use the Services

By using the Services, you must be 18 years of age or above – otherwise, any use of the Services shall be void and prohibited. Likewise, if you are legally incapacitated in any way to use the Services, or to be bound by this agreement, then you are also prohibited from using the same. In all cases, only legitimate and moral purposes shall be permitted when using the Services.

Services Cannot be Used in a Representative Rapacity.

The proper functioning of the Services may require an appropriate Internet Connection, a compatible device, corresponding software settings and upgrades in order to enable you to enjoy its functions. Depending on your computer settings and internet resources, the proper execution of the Services may be directly or indirectly affected by any of these factors. The Company shall not be liable for any substandard or imperfect execution of the Services on account of any of these variables, or because of any inadequate, imperfect, or improper configurations or settings.

The Company retains the sole prerogative to, at all times, determine who are its users, including at its sole discretion, the power to retain, accept, or ban any of its users, and also to determine on which devices or locations its Services shall be made available. The Company does not warrant or guarantee that its Services shall be available at all times on a 24/7 basis as there may be down periods on account of upgrades, maintenance, viruses, or any other incidents which are beyond the control of the Company.

Since the Services were intended to primarily work in the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom, the reality exists that the Services and subsequent Suppliers of online gambling services may not be available in your particular location, or even in the particular language of your choice.


The Company can change any part of this agreement as it sees fit, without the need for any prior notification in order to be binding. Nevertheless, the Company may elect to notify you of any amendments to this agreement in a medium of its own choosing.

Any amendments to this agreement shall be automatically binding and enforceable. Furthermore, any use on your part of the Services of the Company shall constitute automatic acceptance of any changes to this agreement.

The Company also reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change, amend, stop, or discontinue any part of its Services, whether temporarily or permanently, without the need of any prior notification to you.

User Behavior

Any use of the Services of the Company should only be legitimate purposes – any immoral or illegal purposes in the use of the Services are absolutely prohibited.

By using the Services, and apart from strict compliance with this agreement, you hereby expressly agree to refrain from engaging in the following prohibited acts mentioned below.

You Therefore Absolutely Agree not to:

Engage in any act of pyramiding, scheming, contests, phishing or spamming on the Services

Post or spread any content which is customarily considered as obscene, offensive, illegal, defamatory, or which infringes on the intellectual property rights of third parties, or that of the Company’s.

Use scripts or software on the Services.

Introduce any viruses, dangerous files, documents, or perform any hacking which may harm the Services.

Maltreat, bully, or offend any other member or user of the site.

Harass or Stalk other members.

Use the site as a lead generation tool and for building business or contact lists without the permission of the Company.

Engage in any act of fraud or deceit on the Services.

Any other unlawful or immoral acts, or acts which are in violation of these terms and conditions.

User Indemnity

When using the Services, it is expected that you will respect the reputation of the Company at all times in all your actions, transactions, and dealings. Moreover, it is also absolutely expected that you will comply with these terms and conditions, and also any laws of any applicable jurisdiction.

Should the Company become exposed to any potential, actual, or threatened liability arising from, or in connection with any of your actions, or should the Company suffer damage because of any of your actions, you hereby agree to completely indemnify the Company for the said acts, and also to shoulder any costs of litigation or expenses in furtherance of the enforcement of the claims of the Company which may arise directly or indirectly from any of your acts.

Limitation of Liability

The Company shall not be liable to you for any claims, damages, or liability which may arise directly or indirectly, or in connection with your use of the Services. In no case shall the Company be liable to you.

Should a court of competent jurisdiction declare this provision to be invalid or unenforceable, you hereby agree that the liability of the Company to you shall not exceed 500 Great British Pounds, or your actual losses, whichever is lower.


In using the Services, you hereby agree and acknowledge that you are solely responsible for any of your actions on the Services or website or app of the Company, including all their legal implications. You hereby agree that the Company shall not be responsible or liable in any form or manner for your actions, or the actions of other users while using the Services.

User Registration

Prior to using the Services, the Company may require from you to undergo a formal user registration, and also to provide your information. When registering with the Services, you agree that you will only submit relevant and truthful information. The full responsibility of ensuring that your information is up to date and accurate is solely yours.

Some of the information which may be required from you may include a username, password, address, email, age – but the Company may require any other information. At all times, you agree that the sole responsibility of safeguarding your account is solely yours.

If you have become aware of any unauthorised use or breach of your account, email or information, you are required to immediately notify the Company. You agree that the Company shall not be liable to you for any breach or unauthorised use of your account. Furthermore, if such unauthorised use results in damage to or liability to the Company, you hereby agree to completely indemnify the company for any claims, litigation expenses, and liabilities arising from or in connection with such unauthorised use.

Account Termination

The Company can terminate any user’s account or registration without the need for any particular justification. In particular, accounts can be terminated or suspended most especially if you violated this agreement, or any laws.

The Company reserves the right to place links on the Services which may or may not be advertisement links. Since the target of these advertisements are third party sites, the Company has no control over the content or terms of such third party sites. As such, the Company disclaims any liability over any damage, harm, or danger which you may encounter as a result of clicking on such links.

Intellectual Property

You agree that in using the Services, you will uphold the intellectual property rights of the Company with respect to its trademarks, copyrights, or patents, and all types of content which can be found on the site. You agree that you will not infringe on such intellectual property rights of the Company, and nor shall you use the same without the express authorisation of the Company.


Any dispute concerning the interpretation or enforcement of this agreement shall be done in accordance with the laws of the United Kingdom. Furthermore, any judicial actions concerning any disputes arising from this agreement shall be commenced in the courts of United Kingdom, to the exclusion of all other courts.