The Top Fantasy Sports Apps

With nearly 57 million fantasy sports players in the United States and Canada alone, it is easy to see that this industry is booming.

There is a big difference between playing fantasy sports, such as football, and winning a contest. Playing is fun. Playing will give you a big thrill. But when you win, when you take home the cash, you will finally realize that this is something that can transform the way you spend your free time.

How can you Improve your Chances of Success?

While some people have their own strategy, sticking to it no matter what, others have come to realize that a little bit of help can go a long way.

By using one or more fantasy sports app, you may find yourself accessing information that allows you to reach all your goals. This might include winning more money on a regular basis.

It doesn’t matter if you are seeking a fantasy sports app for Android or a fantasy sports app for Apple. Nothing changes the fact the information you access could alter your approach.

The Best of the Best

Your goal is to find the apps that provide you with the right information and advice, all at the right time. While there are many apps to consider, regardless of your operating system, some are able to stand out from the crowd.

Top Five Fantasy Sports Apps

NFL Fantasy Football

It should not be a surprise that this is one of the top apps for fantasy football players. It is sponsored by the NFL, a brand that knows everything about football.

There are many benefits of using this app, including the ability to practice with a mock draft. This gives you the chance to see what could be before you ever lock in your team.

Other benefits include the option to chat with other people in your draft, make changes on the go, and detailed information on each player.

If you are going to play NFL fantasy football, you might as well rely on the advice provided by the official NFL app. How can you go wrong with that?


If daily fantasy sports are your thing, the DraftKings brand is one that you must be familiar with.

You can learn a lot by visiting the company’s website, as well as its blog (which is updated on a regular basis). If you want to stay up to date while you are on the go, it is the DraftKings app that deserves your attention.

This app is perfect for those who want to join in on the action. Better yet, it is a great tool when making difficult decisions about who to draft and who to pass on.

Benefits include having hundreds of daily contests to choose from, games for beginners, and the option to play for free.

ESPN Fantasy App

The ESPN fantasy app is just what you would expect from the worldwide leader in sports. It doesn’t matter what type of fantasy game you are interested in, ESPN has you covered.

You can gain access to some of the best information around. After all, ESPN takes a backseat to nobody when it comes to sports reporting.

Do you have your eye on a particular player? This app can tell you more. Worried about injuries? Once again, ESPN has you covered.

Benefits include the ability to create and run your own league, an easy to follow format, and the option to turn on notifications about your players.

Yahoo Fantasy Sports

Many people associate Yahoo with being one of the biggest search engines in the world. It brings plenty to the table when it comes to fantasy sports.

This company has recently become involved with daily fantasy sports as well as season-long leagues. It can also provide you with information on everything from player stats and injuries to performance and much more.

The nice thing about the app is that you can log in from anywhere. This gives you the opportunity to join contests or read up on your players.

There are a few other things that make this app so popular such as the variety of daily cash games, the option to manage your own league, and being able to access the highest quality player data.

Final Thoughts

There is a fantasy sports app for every player. Maybe you want a fantasy sports app for Samsung while somebody else in your league is interested in an app for a Mac, iPhone, or iPad.

Don’t worry about your operating system or technology. The only thing on your mind should be finding, comparing, and choosing the apps that best suit your wants and needs.