HitYah Poker Player Profiles

Who are the greatest poker players who have graced the green felt? Who are these players that have wowed the crowds, perplexed their opponents, betted and bluffed with a flair of genius that only a few in a million can? HitYah.com! is going to introduce you to them, through our new Poker Player Profiles.

From saloons to Las Vegas to the internet, the game of poker has undergone an evolution. Today, there are more poker players than ever before. Standing among novices, high-rollers, mathematicians, lawyers and hustlers are the top players of poker who deserve to be recognized for their wit. But wit alone is not enough to make a great poker player. There are other attributes that only the best poker players have. In addition, there are now global rankings for poker that recognize the talents of the players. So let us delve into the world of the best players that ever hit the poker table.

Attributes that Make a Top Poker Player


Having experience at the poker table is probably the most important attribute of a top poker player. It’s practically impossible for someone to reach great poker heights without putting in countless hours at the table, playing with hundreds of players and betting with thousands of poker hands. Experience is also crucial when it comes to reading other players and figuring out what their tells are.


Top poker players don’t win tournaments because they play nice. Being aggressive at the table means taking bold, calculated risks. Top poker players play aggressively with bad hands and great hands, so that their opponents will have to keep guessing when they’re actually bluffing.

Knowledge of Numbers

One big factor of poker player wins is being intelligent with calculating numbers and odds. Top poker players understand the actions at the table and they estimate precisely if a move will be profitable or costly. Needless to say, they are always one step ahead of the game.

Ability to Control Emotions

In poker, it is always critical to have a logical reason for every move. Emotions are not useful in dealing with probability, and this is why the best players control their emotions in order to correctly play the game. With all the excitement and money at stake, this is not the easiest thing to do. This is why top players are able to distinguish themselves from the rookies.

Willingness to Learn

Many of the top players today took a few years learning the value of playing poker before making it to big tournaments. Some started in small pubs and other started playing poker online. Even when they do make it at the final table of a tournament, the best players never stop learning. The best poker players seek game strategies and perfect their techniques, and they have the bankroll to show for it.

Player Profiles: What We’ll Cover

Our poker player profiles will provide you great information about your favorite poker stars. Our profiles will have short biographies that include the stories of their rise to poker success. You will also get a peek at their poker player net worth, as well as the list of prominent tournament rewards and notable career highlights. You will know their tournament winnings and find out exactly how much do poker players earn. There will even be some fun information and trivia about the players.

You will also get to read about the players’ current rankings, courtesy of the Hendon Mob Poker Database. These prevalent rankings include the All Time Money List, the Global Poker Index and the Global Poker Index Player of the Year. The All Time Money List shows the total number of live tournament winnings from competitions all over the world. The Global Poker Index (GPI) is a leader board that ranks over 300,000 live tournament poker players in the world. The GPI tracks all the players’ games. If any player finishes in-the-money in a qualifying tournament, then he or she receives a GPI score. The GPI Player of the Year (POY) ranking is an augmented version of GPI’s existing ranking formula. The POY ranking includes 11 total results from qualifying tournament results every year. The GPI factors in the finishing percentage, buy-in factor and aging factor. For more details, you can check out the Global Poker Index website.

There are other prestigious rankings like the World Series of Poker All Time Money List and the World Poker Tour All Time Money List. These two major competitions are open to the global poker community, so you can bet that the top poker players are also in these lists.

With all of the different variations of poker and the different styles of players, the competition will only get better as we move forward.